Hair Color Trends That Ruled 2018

The past year has seen some dramatic and vibrant hairstyles such as variations of glass hair and an almost perfect blend of balayage. But, if there was anything the recent fashion year has left us with, it’s the love of hair color! Every fashion capital has showcased varying hair color trends while some fashion divas even went ahead of the curve to get theirs done well before time!

GKhair Juvexin Cream Color line gathered immense appreciation as hair color generally saw a huge interest globally, with certain colors making headlines. Coloring hair was once considered as a way of expressing the self or as a sign of being rebellious, but now it means a whole lot more! Dyeing hair is considered fashionable and a means to flaunt your personality and looks. Making a statement. Originally, dyeing the hair was also a way to hide your flaws, but this has changed since innovation took over. The great thing about dyeing hair with color is that you can change it easily whenever you like.

Every season had a different set of hair trends, but here we’ll be talking about the hair trends that raised storms throughout 2018!

Rose Blonde

Rose Gold

One of the most popular colors this past year, Rose Gold hits the top of the list with trendsetters! Pink has taken over many aspects of our lives and with that, the rose gold hue is slowly making its way into the hair color world. It’s a complex color, swaying in between pink and blonde, but the fine line between the two colors gives it an otherworldly look!

Lavender Hair Color


This exotically blended purple-and-blue provides a rich hue that has trendsetters a lit! For all those ladies who love some attention or fashionable bombshells, its perfect. Anyone with a dark complexion and dark eyes can become the talk of the town with this tinted rich color!

Charcoal grey hair color

Charcoal Grey

For those with naturally occurring grey, don’t head out to the salon just yet! 2018 saw this color rise in ranks as more people took up the smoky grays and charcoals this past year. Something of a change from the ultra-bright metallic colors of ’16 and ’17.

Deep Mahogany hair color

Deep Mahogany

Call it whatever you like, wine, burgundy, dark maroon or even eggplant! This is one sultry shade that was hot this past year. Because of its color for brunettes, it’s fairly easy to transition into if it’s their first time experimenting and trying out new colors.

Ruby Red Hair Color Trends

Ruby Red

Like the intense and vibrantly radiant shade of the precious gemstone, this is an inspirational color! It does wonders for anyone with striking porcelain and pale complexions who have green or blue eyes! Absolutely show-stopping!

Platinum Blonde Hair Color Trends

Platinum Blonde

A more of a metallic shade, platinum blonde is not as vibrant as bleach blonde as shown over the past few years but still a dreamy shade. It can be likened to the precious silverish-white transition metal and just as valuable! Platinum blonde has seen increased attention and is to stay with us all through 2019.