Short Hair is So Hot Right Now

GKhair Change Agents share Expert Advice about how to Rock your Short Hair style! “Short hair is so hot right now”! The statement stands true for the hair styling trends that have hit 2016 since the beginning. Short hair has been the in-thing for quite some time now. Be it the famous celebs, politicians or famous socialites; styles with shorter hair have literally engulfed every one. But gone are the days when a simple bob or pixie would suffice. Short hair without color is old news! So, what short haircut should you have? How to choose a hair color that blends in with your new hair cut? These are the two burning questions that have been asked countless times. To make it easier for everyone, we got in touch with our GKhair Experts, Diane Puccio and Keva Davis, to get their take on the short haircuts. Here’s what the GKhair Experts have to say about choosing the right haircut and color. Diane Puccio What short haircuts are the most fashionable in 2016? The bob is the ultimate "go-to" haircut for those seeking an easy, dynamic style that is also chic and sassy. There are so many variations, from long bobs (lob) to short and stacked. The style makes a strong statement, while still being practical and professional for the workplace. What are your best TIPS on selecting the right hair color for short hair styles? When choosing color for short haircuts, it's important to understand texture and how the client styles their hair. Example: wavy, fine hair on a low maintenance client should have a rich base with dimensional balayage highlights. This will help add interest to the style, emphasizing the shape of the cut, and giving the illusion of fullness. Why should clients choose GKhair Juvexin Cream colors for their short hair cut? GKhair Cream Color is a great choice for any hair type. With 87+ tones to choose from, the hair is left vibrant and shines like glass! The key ingredient in all GKhair products, Juvexin, ensures healthy and strong hair that is less susceptible to breakage. With this color line, I can achieve gorgeous results while improving the integrity of the hair, which is always the main goal. Short Hair Blue Hair Keva Davis What short haircuts are the most fashionable in 2016? In my opinion, the most fashionable short haircuts in 2016 are Bobs. It is a classic cut and is witnessed year after year in haircutting trends. This cut is able to transcend cultures and generations and has the uncanny ability to be very versatile. What are your Pro TIPS on selecting the right hair color for short hair styles? The best tips, that I can offer for selecting the right hair color for short hair styles are;
  • Take into consideration the personality, lifestyle and budget of the person who will be wearing the cut & color.
  • Also, factoring in the facial structure and what is trying to be accomplished with the overall look.
  • Whether you will be adding highs to accents or lows to diminish, it is very important to consider what colors actually work well with the natural undertones of the client’s skin.
By doing this, you will be able to create a beautiful and very complimentary haircut and color for your client. Why should clients choose GKhair Juvexin Cream colors for their short hair cut? Clients should choose GKhair Juvexin Cream Colors for their short haircut because they have 87 shades to choose from, that can be used as permanent or semi-permanent. It also contains ceramides, which allows the color to deposit further into the cuticle resulting in longer-lasting color which fades on tone. All GKhair products come infused with Juvexin. Juvexin is an anti-aging protein blend that optimizes hair and plays an active role restoring the hair from the inside out. Knowing that clients can have healthy beautiful hair is very important and GKhair Juvexin Cream Colors offers just that! So this is what our experts had to say! The conclusion, as evident, is a nice Bob cut with a color of your choice and liking from the extensive GKhair color line! 12187908_960987263975686_1181717918096140461_n