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Shampoos Free of Harmful Chemicals from GKhair is All That Your Hair Needs

With a continuous hype in the beauty industry everyone wants to keep up with the glamour world. The styling and makeovers are not just limited to models and actors these days. Even a stay at home mom wants her hair and skin... Continue reading

Switch to a Chemical Free Shampoo for Better Hair and Health

Have you ever felt a baby’s hair? The softness and sensitivity of it can melt your heart and make you want to feel it again... Continue reading

The Perfect Hair Color with the Table Balayage Technique Using GKhair Juvexin Cream Colors

With the hype in the fashion industry, everyone wants to try new styles and embrace evolving trends. it is common to see someone looking good in a particular style and try the same style on yourself. Similarly, people are trying new hair... Continue reading

Your Step by Step Guide for Curl-Taming Treatment and Highlights

Managing curls can be a tricky task, and especially those that come with frizz. You are not alone with this daunting task to tame your... Continue reading

GKhair Produced Latest Photo Shoot In Puerto Rico

GKhair produced its most recent video and photo shoot in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The photo shoot was organized just a month after the hurricane Maria. This category 5 hurricane crossed the island on September 19, leaving Puerto Rico without power, running... Continue reading
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