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The Best Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Purple Shampoo - A lifesaver for blonde hair Blonde hair is not just a summer sensation even though a change in the weather can cause hair color and shine to fade away. No with a year round demand for cool blonde tones... Continue reading

Innovative Hair Color Ideas with GKhair Juvexin Lightening Cream

Embracing a bold statement with the help of fashion and hair color ideas is an ever-evolving trend. From rich platinum blondes to striking purples –... Continue reading

GKhair Czech Artist Marek Pala creates the Icy Blonde Queen

GKhair creates tools for many hair visionaries around the globe to better help them to showcase their work. The global professional salon brand values innovation and creativity of our partners and views as something highly essential for a hair artist to advance... Continue reading

GKhair 10 Year Anniversary Insights

Van Tibolli, CEO & Founder of GKHAIR, a product line that improves the condition of the hair and provides hair care solutions for women around... Continue reading

Healthy Benefits of Using Hair Serum

Hair Serums | A Worthwhile Investment for Beautiful Hair Your hair is very important when it comes to express yourself. It has an essential role on your non-verbal communication. Early mornings when your hair is in place, everything is perfect. But if... Continue reading
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