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How A Keratin Treatment Can Change Your Hair

In the realm of hair care, the term “keratin treatment” has taken over the town for some time now. For any hair trouble that you share with your fellows, you get similar responses: “You know what? Get a keratin treatment”, “why don’t... Continue reading

Vegan Hair Care Treatments By GK Hair

There are days when your hair looks sleek, perfect, and top-notch, and then there are days when your hair looks like it’s just had a... Continue reading

Color Your Hair The Best Way

Who doesn’t love walking out of a salon with freshly colored hair? Newly colored hair makes us feel confident and what’s most exciting is that there are so many hair color techniques to experiment - a balayage or an ombre or even... Continue reading


If the past few months have taught us anything, it is to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, especially when it comes to ensuring your hair looks... Continue reading

GK Hair Lighteners – Choose the most suitable option!

Mostly, when a client wishes to go from dark to a lighter hair color, lightening agents are used. Lightening, itself is a rigorous process as it lifts the hair’s pigment. Therefore, using the wrong product can damage your client’s hair. GKhair has... Continue reading
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