Everything You Need To Know About Hair Botox Treatment

If you didn’t know already, this might come as a surprise to you that our skin and hair are almost alike. Just as our skin begins to lose its health and youthfulness as it ages, the hair starts to lose moisture and elasticity, becoming vulnerable to damage and breakage. This is where skin and hair treatment come in. Just as people get a Botox Treatment to prevent wrinkles, there’s a Botox Hair Treatment as well. Let’s shed some light on the Hair Botox and how it differs from a skin Botox.

Skin Botox VS Hair Botox

Botox for skin contains a key ingredient botulinum toxin, which is injected into the skin to have the youthfulness of the skin restored. The Hair Botox, on the contrary, doesn’t contain botulinum toxin, nor is it injected into the roots. The only reason it is named as such is because it serves the same purpose as a skin Botox. Hair Botox comprises a hair repairing treatment which repairs hair fiber with a conditioning agent, such as keratin, collagen complex, intra-cylane, and others. This agent, formulated into the treatment, is applied to hair to revitalize hair health and restore its natural youthfulness.


How Does Hair Botox Work? | GK Hair


How Does Hair Botox Work?

Grab your pens and start taking notes, ladies; this section is about to get scientific.

A common hair fact is that 95% of our hair is made up of keratin. A not-so-common fact? As the hair ages, the external factors such as sun damage, heat damage, pollutants, overwashing, and others begin to affect hair health, which results in loss of keratin and consequent cracks in the hair fiber. The hair cuticles are raised due to the damage, which leaves cracks and gaps in the hair, allowing the moisture and natural oils to escape. As a result, the hair becomes dry, brittle, and straw-like on touch.

To seal the gaps between these cuticles, a Botox Treatment is applied to the hair. The keratin between the Botox Treatment fills in and seals the gaps, which prevent further hair damage, and restores the hair back to its normal, healthy state.

Best Hair Botox Treatment

There are countless treatments which claim to repair your hair from the inside out. How to decide which one checks all the boxes? Our choice is GK Hair The Best Treatment.


Best Botox Keratin Treatment | Hair Treatment


So, what makes The Best Treatment stand out from the rest of the Keratin Botox Treatments? This professional treatment contains Juvexin as the key ingredient to restore hair health. Juvexin is an advanced form of keratin, an anti-aging protein blend that is optimized to repair the hair shaft from the inside out and restore its natural bounce and body. Juvexin, along with Natural Seed Extracts, works its way through the hair, filling in hair cuticles and sealing the hair shaft. The result? Smooth, sleek hair that looks and feels healthier for the months to come.

How To Use:

Although The Best Treatment is a professional treatment, its creamy texture and user-friendly approach makes it an ideal at-home Botox Keratin Treatment. The standard process of using The Best Treatment follows: 

  1. To begin with the process, make sure that your hair is clean and contains no oil and dirt buildup. Wash your hair with GK Hair pH+ Shampoo, leave it on for 2-3 minutes, rinse, and then repeat. This will open up your hair cuticles and cleanse off all the buildup and sebum.  
  2. Section your hair into thin parts of ½ inch starting at the nape of your neck and apply The Best Treatment ¼ inch away from the roots. After you’re done with the application, comb through hair to evenly spread the product. Be gentle with your hair and slowly comb through so that your hair doesn’t pull off.
  3. After you’re done combing, let The Best Treatment process and sit for 40-60 minutes. If your hair is fine or wavy, leave on the product for 40 minutes. If your hair is curly, coarse, and thick, let it sit for 60 minutes. Cover your hair with a plastic cap.
  4. Rinse out all of the product with warm water. To make sure no residue product is left in your hair, wash it until the water runs clear. 
  5. Once the product is washed out, blow-dry your hair straight properly. Make sure the hair is 100% dry before moving to the next process. . 
  6. Section the hair and flat iron at 400°F to seal the cuticles.


The Best Treatment: Your At-Home Botox Treatment

The Best Treatment delivers optimal results of a Botox Hair Treatment that lasts up to 5-6 months, depending upon the aftercare. To prolong the results of the treatment, add sulfate-free Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Duo into your hair care routine. This Duo complements the results of a Botox Treatment and maintains the health of your hair. 

And that sums up almost everything you need to know about a Botox Hair Treatment. If you’re looking for a hair care regimen, that’s personalized just for your hair, visit www.gkhair.com.