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Hair Hygiene | How To Keep Your Tresses Clean

Our hair gets lots of “how-tos” to keep it healthy, gorgeous and always thriving. But have you ever thought of a hair hygiene routine? How to keep your hair ”clean”? Hair hygiene is as important as your body hygiene, and... Continue reading

How To Take Care Of Your Curly Hair In 2022

We are going to go out on a limb here and say this out loud: nothing is as gorgeous as curly hair. From... Continue reading

Top 5 Habits That Can Kill Your Hair - GK Hair

If you have been feeling lately that you’re trapped in a loop, and no matter what you do, nothing seems to make your hair improve even in the slightest, you’re not alone. We have all been through this phase at... Continue reading

Wet Styling Techniques For Curly Hair

For hair that’s prone to frizz and dryness, and takes ages to style, wet styling is an optimal way to go. As the... Continue reading

Protein vs Moisture - What Does Your Need?

For people who like to know about their hair care needs, all the information can be quite overwhelming. As if hair porosity, hair textures, and hair types weren’t enough; now you have to differentiate between hair protein and hair moisture... Continue reading


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