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How to create a Bright Blonde Balayage

Summer is here and with that, the undying love for blonde is in the air! To prepare artists for the blonde marathon they’ll be doing now, Mallery Share was at the BTC House with GKhair recently where she went live, showcasing a... Sigue leyendo

Creating Originality with GKhair Colors

Creating originality is not an amateur’s work because it requires foresight and a colossal amount of creativity and foresight. These elements can only stem from... Sigue leyendo

Your Step by Step Guide for Curl-Taming Treatment and Highlights

Managing curls can be a tricky task, and especially those that come with frizz. You are not alone with this daunting task to tame your curls but worry no more, GKhair treatments provide ideal solutions to unruly hair. Most people don’t realize... Sigue leyendo

Juvexin Cream Color Vibrant Red

ROMANTIC MEETS MODERN CLASSIC! The GK Hair Juvexin Cream Colors gave life to Alessa’s hair color. Alessa’s Vibrant Red hair is achieved with the following... Sigue leyendo

Guide : Choosing the correct hairstyle to suit your face shape

A good haircut is more than just a few trims! Face-shape analysis is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to hairstyling. Why? Because hairstyling is all about shape and geometry. It’s all about creating the right frame... Sigue leyendo
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