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Common Hairstyling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hair plays a very integral role in shaping one’s personality. Natural texture and type are one thing but the way you decide to carry it has an even greater impact. Whether you decide to let it dance with the wind, or you... Sigue leyendo

A New Year, A New Beginning, A New Us!

Fare Thee Well, Oh Fruitful 2018! Welcome, 2019! It’s been a busy 2018 for GKhair. The year saw resolutions turn into revelations. It was a... Sigue leyendo

Make your blonde hair perfect this summer - Hair trend 2019

When it comes to environmental damage to hair, we all know that blonde hair is by all means the hardest to maintain. Over time, brassy tones would appear in your cool platinum or ash blondes that you wouldn’t like very much. Furthermore,... Sigue leyendo

The Professionals' Solution to Brassy Undertones!

On the list of problems that blondes struggle with, brassiness ranks high up. As a professional, you will see many clients who are fed up... Sigue leyendo

Hair Color Protecting Techniques-Create A Shield

Planning to hit the beach this summer? Want to enjoy the new season with cool tinge of color to make your summers more vibrant? But wait! With all your plans being marked, what about your mane? You would not want to enjoy... Sigue leyendo
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