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How To Achieve Straight Sleek Hair

We all know stick straight, sleek, ultra-shiny strands are some of the most coveted looks around these days. Some women always have perfect hair and trust us, they work a lot to achieve this perfection. In order to have perfectly... Sigue leyendo

SIX Secrets to A Perfect Blowout

We know having a perfect hair color or a haircut are always our top priorities but for a perfect cut to be complimented... Sigue leyendo

The Secret to Blow Drying Your Hair Faster

It is next to impossible to even dream of being able to blow dry your hair every day. Not because of the fact that it damages hair but it is a tedious task and time consuming as well. It’s a... Sigue leyendo

Best Detangling Tips-Stop Hurting Your Client!

Summers are approaching, which means you and your hair are going to dive into pool, take a dip at the beach, relax in... Sigue leyendo

Best Hacks To Tame Frizzy Hair For Good

Taming Frizzy Hair

Summers are exciting and while we look forward to all things, we would never want to miss frizz-inducing humidity. There is not much we can do to fight all the elements but there are plenty... Sigue leyendo