VolumizeHer Spray
VolumizeHer Spray
VolumizeHer Spray
VolumizeHer Spray
VolumizeHer Spray
VolumizeHer Spray
VolumizeHer Spray creates weightless Hair Volume - GK Hair Online
VolumizeHer Spray creates weightless Hair Volume | GK Hair
VolumizeHer Spray creates weightless Hair Volume - GK Hair Online

VolumizeHer Spray

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Add volume to your limp, dull hair roots with VolumizeHer Spray, a styling aid to boost natural body and bounce in weighed-down hair.
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GK Hair VolumizeHer Spray gives your hair instant body and fullness in just a few sprays. It gives a smooth texture and the perfect long-lasting light hold that does not make your hair stiff or hard. In fact, the super ingredients help in adding shine and softness to your hair. You can use it before styling your hair or just add a few sprints to your limp hair strands and brush through without using any heating tool.

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  • Adds volume to your flat hair roots.
  • Delivers instant body and bounce to the hair.
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaways.
  • Keeps the hair soft and smooth all day long.
  • 2x improved hair with the nourishing formula.
  • Boosts shine and luster to limp hair.
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Use after shampoo and conditioner and apply to wet hair. Spray at the roots for light, voluminous hair, cabello voluminoso

Juvexin:(A keratin based anti-aging protein blend) protects hair against heat damage and environmental effects.
Vegetable Proteins:nourishes and conditions hair prior to styling.
Coconut Fruit's:natural emollients act as a weightless moisturizer to target the dry hair and scalp.
GK Hair Products are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA, TEA, or Gluten.We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.

Q: Is There Any Product That Adds Volume To The Hair For Styling?

A: VolumizeHer is the answer: it adds volume to the hair without actually weighing it down.

Q: Is There Any Curl Enhancer?

A: GK Hair CurlsDefineHer enhances he curls while softening the hair and bringing out the bounce.

Q: Is There Any Product To Prevent Heat-Damage?

A: Yes, there is: ThermalStyleHer can be applied prior to using any heat-tool (blow dry, flat iron, and curling iron) It is a heat-activated product that prevents the damage.

Q: Is There Anything To Protect The Hair From Pool Water?

A: GK Hair Leave-In Spray/Cream can be used to protect the hair from environmental impurities, chlorinated water, salinated water, and sweat. It also provides a layer of moisturization.

Q: Is There Any Difference Between GK Hair Serum And GK Hair Cashmere?

A: Yes, there is. GK Hair Serum is a weightless formula: it provides shine, fights off frizz, sedates flyaways, and provides body without weighing down the hair whereas, Cashmere is used to detangle the hair, and to provide conditioning and comes in a creamy consistency that is also an excellent blow drying aid.

Lift your hair from the roots

This styling marvel enhances texture and fullness, giving your hair a voluminous boost without the weight for a fuller, more vibrant look.


no added parabens.


animal cruelty-free


gluten free


phthalate free


sulfate free


DEA/ TEA free



claimed volume


reported instant body


noticed shine

Our Ingredients

Juvexin V2

Juvexin V2

Juvexin V2 is a plant-based protein derived from Quinoa and Pea, Which is optimized to repair and strengthen hair from the inside out.

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Vegetable Proteins

Vegetable Proteins

Nourishes and conditions hair prior to styling.

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Coconut Fruit's

Coconut Fruit's

natural emollients act as a weightless moisturizer to target the dry hair and scalp.

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Sue stanton
We rizzing shampoo and conditioner

This moisturizing champagne conditioner saved my very dry Damaged hair.

Bounce & Volume Marvel

VolumizeHer Spray is my secret weapon for achieving that gorgeous volume. It's like an instant boost for my hair.

Voluminous Hair Marvel

VolumizeHer Spray is my go-to for fabulous hair volume.

Seed Oils Marvel

Infused with seed oils, it's a hair spa day.

J. Goggins
Compliment-Worthy Lustrous Hair

I've received so many compliments on how shiny my hair looks since I started using this.