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How To Avoid Curling Iron Mistakes

It seems pretty basic to curl your hair using a curling iron. The process is simple, you heat up a curling iron, wrap your hair around and you are done. The fact of the matter is, unfortunately, you may be doing a... Continue reading

Moisturizing & Hydrating Dry Hair

Tired of dry, dull, dehydrated hair? Your hair lack the softness, shine and bounce that you expect from it? This is caused by lack of... Continue reading

10 Things Salon Artists Want From Every Client

Have you ever wished to hand over your clients a list of rules they have to follow? There are number of things salon artists want their clients to know before even stepping into the salon. Here is a list we have jotted... Continue reading

How to Add Volume to Your Hair Naturally

Imagine yourself getting prepared for an occasion and thinking of a voluminous hairstyle but your hair doesn’t seem to respond. Flat hair is difficult to... Continue reading

Best Dry Oil Spray for All Hair Types

You must have heard about serum or leave in conditioner, but have you ever used a dry oil finishing spray for your hair? A dry oil finishing spray can be a solution to many of your hair styling problems. The oils you... Continue reading
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