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How To Fix A Bad Hair Day?

You have already tried every hairstyle that could possibly come to your mind and your hair still doesn’t get any better – congratulations! You’re having a bad hair day. On one of these days when the hair is nothing but... Continue reading

Fixing Damaged Hair At Home – 5 Remedies To Try Yourself

If your hair feels too dry, frizzy, weak and unmanageable, welcome to the club. Hair damage is one of the most common concerns... Continue reading

Black Friday + Cyber Monday Specials For Different Hair Textures

For those who haven’t yet stocked up on Holiday hair care essentials, your moment has come! GK Hair has finally announced what y’all have been waiting for: Black Friday Haircare Deal 2022 - The Biggest... Continue reading

How To Determine The Ideal Hair Care Routine Your Hair Type?

Here’s something you should know: when it comes to self-care, hair care also comes along. Many of us are so focused on polishing... Continue reading

Love Your Hair More With These 5 Simple Hacks

Ever heard of the phrase, “the grass is greener on the other side”? It applies to us hair freaks as well. People with curly hair daydream only about pin-straight hair, and vice versa. Similarly, people with voluminous hair look for... Continue reading


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