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Our Best Hair Care Products For Natural Hair

Natural hair is probably the kind of hair that needs the highest level of maintenance. Natural hair refers to kinky hair, or afro-textured hair, with hair type 4B/4C. Although it’s naturally drier than the rest of the hair types, natural hair looks... Continue reading

5 Hair Oils That Exceed Their Claims

Among other things that are popular to have hair care benefits, oils and natural emollients stay on top. You might have heard from your grandmother... Continue reading

From 2007 To 2022 - The Journey Of GK Hair As A Remote Business

The first quarter of 2020 brought along some of the biggest changes around the world. The entire dynamic of the usual business management went under a sudden, rapid transformation, and the remote model was put forth for the survival of businesses. According... Continue reading

Summer Hairstyles to Follow in 2022

There’s a reason summer isn't a favorite of many people; it doesn’t go easy on most of us. The sweat, sunburn, humidity, and whatnot can... Continue reading

Real or Fake? 5 Popular Hair Care Myths Done Over

Have you ever heard a random statement like, “seeing black cat indicates incoming danger” or, “combing your hair in the night can take debt off of you”, and you wonder, how does this scientifically make sense? Yeah, you probably heard such myths... Continue reading
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