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Juvexin Cream Color - GK Hair USA
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Amber
Juvexin Cream Color - GK Hair USA
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Ash
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Beige
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Brown
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Chocolate
Juvexin Cream Color - GK Hair USA
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Cold Naturals
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Coppers
Juvexin Cream Color - GK Hair USA
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Goldens
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Iced Chestnut
Juvexin Cream Color - GK Hair USA
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Intense Ash
Juvexin Cream Color - GK Hair USA
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Intense Naturals
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Irisee
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Mahogany
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Matt
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Mixtones
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Moka
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Pearl
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Reds
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Sand
Juvexin Cream Color - GK Hair USA
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Super Intense Naturals
Juvexin Cream Color Pro Superlighteners

Highlights alternating babylights and weaves on alternative slices with Juvexin Lightening Powder+ & 20 Volume Developer. Shampoo with GK Hair Silver Bombshell Shampoo and root smudge Juvexin Cream Color 8.1 and 8 Vol Dev. While toning with 10.12 with 10 Vol for 3-5 minutes on shaft to end. Conditioned with GK Hair Deep Conditioner


Highlight with thin slices of Juvexin Lightening Powder + and 10 Volume Developer. Shampooed with Moisturizing Shampoo. Toned her hair with 10+ 8 Volume Developer for 5 Minutes.

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What People Say About
Cream Color

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  • Barbaras★★★★★

    Perfect easy hair color

    Comes out perfect every time and in only 10 minutes. A product that consistently works as it's supposed to what more could one want. I hope they make it forever. It easily covers all my gray

  • Amethyst★★★★★

    Great & Quick

    Since I'm only looking to cover gray hairs in my otherwise dark brown hair, this product is a quick and easy fix at home. Not too strong smelling and color lasts til hair grows out (about a month).

  • Lori ★★★★★

    It's A Perfect 10!

    Wish I could find this in stores. My go to hair color for years. Only 10 minutes and my grays are gone!

  • Kyra fan★★★★★

    Best Color

    Absolutely the best color I have ever had. Tried other products. hated the results. With Perfect 10 Light chocolate brown I get great gray coverage and great rich color!! Will never use anything else.

  • Lulu★★★★★

    Fav Hair Color

    To date this is my favorite permanent hair color. It covers well and takes less time. I mix the color in a bowl and apply it with a small 1.5 inch new paint brush. I find that helps with more thorough coverage. I have used the brown and dark blonde.

  • Andrea★★★★★

    Brassy Color

    The product was clean and easy to use. However, the color did not take well and turned my already lighter brunette hair brassy. Next time I'll try an ash brunette dye instead.

  • Schlitze★★★★★

    So Happy To Find It Here!!

    This is the BEST hair color and the least damaging to my hair as it only needs to be on your hair for 10 minutes!! I have no idea why this is no longer sold in stores but SO happy to find it on website. What a lifesaver!!

  • ldianea★★★★★

    Right Color

    The color is true and its so nice to be done in 10 minutes. I only use this dye now because it works better than any others that Ive tried. I docked a star because it is not 100% gray coverage.

  • MKC ★★★★★

    Ash Is Too Red

    I want Ash medium brown because I want to avoid redness when I lighten to just one shade above. It turns out too red. It is super easy to use and less time on hair means less damage...just the shade not what it should be.

  • Angela★★★★★

    Works Great

    I love this hair coloring! It doesnt destroy your hair like other lighter hair dyes do. I am disappointed that they stopped selling this at the local grocery stores.

  • Rosemary★★★★★

    Great Long Lasting Color

    This is my favorite hair dye. It really is only 10 minutes. The color is rich and looks great. My hair doesn't get dried out and I love the conditioner it comes with. I've been using this product for a long time and have been completely satisfied.