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Summer Hairstyles to Follow in 2022

There’s a reason summer isn't a favorite of many people; it doesn’t go easy on most of us. The sweat, sunburn, humidity, and whatnot can really mess with your look for the day. Imagine yourself on a hot, humid day with your... Continue reading

Real or Fake? 5 Popular Hair Care Myths Done Over

Have you ever heard a random statement like, “seeing black cat indicates incoming danger” or, “combing your hair in the night can take debt off... Continue reading

Are Leave-In Conditioner Cream Worth The Hype?

Haircare basics mainly revolve around two things: shampoo and conditioner. Most people don’t care about going the extra mile to add something else into their hair care routine. Recently, however, leave in cream have taken up the hype, and almost everyone seems... Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Botox Treatment

If you didn’t know already, this might come as a surprise to you that our skin and hair are almost alike. Just as our skin... Continue reading

Know Your Hair Porosity - GK Hair

There are two reasons you have landed on here: Either you have heard the term “hair porosity”, probably from a hair-care enthusiast friend, and now you can’t stop thinking about what it means, or you’re genuinely curious about the porosity of your... Continue reading
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