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Clarifying Shampoo 101 | Everything You Need to Know

Are you dealing with product buildup, trying to get an extra deep cleanse, or just curious about clarifying shampoo? This blog will provide all the information you need about this popular hair care essential. We'll cover everything from how it works and... Continue reading

Is Hair Serum or Oil Better for Your Hair Type?

Are you confused about the difference between a hair serum and oil? You're not alone! Many people struggle to understand the distinction between these two... Continue reading

Frizzy Hair 101 | How To Keep Up With Coloring & Styling

Out of all the hair problems that can possibly exist in the Milky Way, frizzy hair is the most frustrating problem to ever exist (our frizzy-haired fellas all agree in unison). The puffiness and extra charge makes even the simplest of hairstyles... Continue reading

5 Trending Hair Colors for Christmas 2022

With Christmas 2022 is just around the corner, the preparations are in line as well. Festive decorations have been put up, and the Christmas tree... Continue reading

How To Style And Care For Your Hair During A Vacay

Vacation - the word itself is so soothing. There’s no worry in the world that could stop you from having fun on a cruise with your favorite people, except for the hair troubles that begin as soon as you step out of... Continue reading
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