3 Easy Hairstyles To Wear In Humid Weather

Preparing for summer? Have a few quick hair tricks up your sleeve, or get ready to be bombarded with frizz and poofy hair. Humidity is quite difficult to tackle if you’re unaware of the disaster it does to your hair.

Therefore, to help you out, we’ve jotted down a few easy, yet classy hairstyles that you can pull any day without worrying about frizz or dryness.



Bubble Braid - GK Hair

Bubble Braid

Give your hair a Princess Jasmine makeover and go for a bubble braid. Not only is this among the easiest and quickest hairstyles, it is also the best way to keep your long hair from frizz and hair damage. To achieve this look, tie your hair in a low ponytail, and wrap hair elastics around the length of your hair to create bubbles. Pull out the hair a little to create a round, bubbly effect, and ta-da! You’ve given yourself a premium summer look!


Double French Braid | GK Hair USA


Double French Braid

A traditional french braid is as classy as it gets, but have you ever tried a double french braid? Start by parting your hair from the center, tie one side of the part with a hair tie and start braiding on the other side from your hairline all the way to the end. Remove the hair tie and repeat the same process on the other side. Amp it up with a summer hat and enjoy a long-lasting, chic hairstyle with zero frizz. 


Top Knot Bun | GK Hair USA


Top Knot Bun

Your hair has a fair chance of staying put if it is away from your face. A top knot bun, therefore, is an amazing hairdo for hot, humid days. Start by tying all of your hair into a high ponytail. Secure it with a hair elastic, then start wrapping all of your hair around the elastic. Secure the hair with bobby pins, or a hair scrunchie to keep in place. You can pull out hair a little to add texture to your bun. The messier, the better. To tame your baby hair along the hairline, use GK Hair Strong Hold Spray. This spray will keep your hair in place and doesn’t cause flyaways.