Hair Hygiene | How To Keep Your Tresses Clean

Our hair gets lots of “how-tos” to keep it healthy, gorgeous and always thriving. But have you ever thought of a hair hygiene routine? How to keep your hair ”clean”? Hair hygiene is as important as your body hygiene, and no, washing your hair everyday doesn’t mean you have hair hygiene. In fact, it’s throwing the natural moisture production of your hair off-balance, producing more oils than ever. In this blog, we’ll be discussing top three hygienic tips for a clean, healthy mane

Shampoo The Right Way

Again, shampooing everyday is not hygienic for your hair whatsoever. It is, however, important that you wash your hair with a quality shampoo at least once a week. When the hair isn't washed, the dead skin, sweat, product residue, and natural oils that the hair keeps on producing create buildup. This buildup results in various hair problems, such as flaky scalp, clogged pores, funky odor, greasy, limp hair, and many others. Hence, it’s important to maintain a balance in your hair washes to keep your hair hygiene in check.

Have A “Clean” Hair Care Regimen

Cleanliness isn’t only restricted to how clean your hair “looks” or “smells”, but also how clean it actually “is”. Keep a check on your hair care regimen: does your product contain harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, or glutens? Is it formulated with any natural, clean ingredient? Using products that are formulated with healthy, clean ingredients is a big part of hair hygiene. Make sure you don’t miss out on that. For an exquisite experience, ass GK Hair products into your hair care routine, as they are formulated with pure natural ingredients, and free of sulfates, parabens and glutens.

Get A Trim Every Once A While

Add this into your hair hygiene routine: trim your hair every once a few months to keep it clean and damage-free. Having a trim regularly keeps those frayed, split-ends away and gives your hair a cleaner, healthier look.