Hair Care Routine | A Full Guide For All Hair Types

There are so many sayings about everything; we too thought of formulating a saying of our own, which goes, “what you do, reflects in your hair”. This includes your hair care routine, how you maintain your hair, how you style it, which hair products you use, how you keep it clean; all of it reflects in how your hair looks. Therefore, to always keep your hair healthy-looking, we have tailored the best hair care routine for you.

Hot Oil Treatment

Start by slightly warming up a hair oil (such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil) and massaging your hair with it. Gently apply it to your hair roots and massage it with your fingertips. Make sure the oil is only slightly warm and doesn’t burn your skin. Leave the emollient on for at least one hour.



Shampoo Your Hair

Hop into shower and wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, such as GK Hair Moisturizing Shampoo. Make sure there’s no oil residue left, or else your hair will look extremely greasy. Clean your hair of all the oil and wash it off.

Condition It Well!

Pick a hydrating conditioner that helps you maintain the natural moisture level of your hair, such as GK Hair Moisturizing Conditioner. Condition your lengths well and leave it on for a few minutes. Then rinse it all thoroughly until the water runs clear.


Hydrate Your Tresses! | GK Hair USA


Leave-In Conditioner

An underrated hair care tip? Never skip on the Leave-In Conditioner. Take a quality product, such as GK Hair Leave-In Conditioner Cream, and apply it on to the hair lengths. Work it well through your hair so that there’s no hair chunk left. This step will help you with the frizz and dryness big time!

Some Extra Topping

After you’re done with the Leave-In Conditioner, top it off with GK Hair Argan Oil Serum. This lightweight serum will add luminosity, bounce and body to your hair and give it a heavenly fragrance, keeping it nourished and nurtured all day long.

And there you go with simple hair care tips for dry hair. Make sure to follow this dry hair care routine for healthy, nourished hair.