Top 5 Habits That Can Kill Your Hair - GK Hair

If you have been feeling lately that you’re trapped in a loop, and no matter what you do, nothing seems to make your hair improve even in the slightest, you’re not alone. We have all been through this phase at some point in our lives. Let us reveal a secret to you today: the reason we end up in such a loop is because we’re so preoccupied with buying expensive products for our hair, we neglect to notice tiny things in our hair care routine. Let’s take you out on a tour to some top usual habits that are secretly killing your hair without you knowing.

Long, Hot Showers: 

Who doesn’t love the touch of warm, hot water in a long, relaxing shower. If you had a tiring day, the second thing you want is a relaxing hot shower with scented candles and soothing music on; the first thing you want is a comfortable bed. However, what you probably don’t know is that hot showers open up your hair cuticles, allowing the moisture to bleed out. This results in dry, dehydrated hair  and consequent hair troubles, including brittleness, frizz, breakage, and split-ends. The solution? Switch your shower temperature to lukewarm and run cold water through your hair once before stepping out of the shower to seal the cuticles.

Keeping Up With Sulphate Products: 

The people with hair have a problem. We believe, the more our shampoo lathers up, the more “cleansing” it is. Nope! The only thing it does is that it “rips out” natural moisture of your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Do you know sulphate is a common chemical found in detergents and soaps to create lather? Such chemicals are disastrous for your delicate, sweet hair. Make sure you use the products which are totally sulphate-free, such as GK Hair Products. Throw away your basic shampoos and upgrade your vanity shelf with healthy, sulphate-free GK Hair Products. 

Brushing Your Hair the Wrong Way: 

Yes, you can brush your hair the wrong way too. Our hair, especially towards the ends, is comparatively drier, more vulnerable and highly prone to damage and breakage. Detangling your hair from roots to tips pushes all the knots and tangles to the ends, which creates an impenetrable mess, causing breakage and damage. The best way to comb your hair is to start with the ends, slowly detangle the knots, and move all the way up to the roots. Try this, you’ll thank us later!


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Heat Styling Without Thermal Protection: 

What’s the best thing that happens to our hair? Either those smooth, sleek tresses or those bouncy, lustrous loose curls we get through flat irons and curler rods. These styling tools are killing your hair in an unimaginable way. Do you really think your hair stands a chance against 400F of temperature? The first tip is to use a quality heat protectant that keeps hair burn at bay, like GK Hair ThermalStyleHer. The second tip is to upgrade your styling tools to the ones that offer a healthier styling, like GK Hair Titanium Flat Iron

Skipping on a Healthy Diet: 

A healthy diet plays a more important role in our lives than we think. Keeping up with unhealthy foods can really mess with your hair. Avoid fried food, fast food, white sugar and processed meals, and stick with green veggies, beans, fruits, and juices. And most importantly, drink water. Keeping your body properly hydrated will keep your hair internally hydrated too, which will improve the look of it, making it appear shinier and healthier. 

And last but not the least: cut out the damage. Cut off split-ends, get a regular trim, and pamper your hair with the right routine.