How To Style And Care For Your Hair During A Vacay

Vacation - the word itself is so soothing. There’s no worry in the world that could stop you from having fun on a cruise with your favorite people, except for the hair troubles that begin as soon as you step out of your place. Take a tip, fellas: As you plan your vacay, plan your hair care routine as well. You don’t wanna spend your entire vacation worrying about your unruly strands, trust us. So, unless you plan on “pulling a Barbados Monica” from Friends, save these vacation hair saving + styling tips for your next trip to nature!  



Step 1:

Wash Your Hair 

The first and the foremost step in your vacay hair care routine is washing your hair before you leave. You cannot style your hair on a vacation if your hair is loaded with oil and grease. Washing it beforehand will give you a chance to spend your vacation without worrying too much about a dirty, unkempt look. 

Step 2:

Time To Deep Condition

Going on a vacay means a sudden change in climate and weather conditions around your hair, which can make it go super dry, frizzy, brittle, rough and unmanageable. Therefore, throw in a deep conditioner as well into your hair wash so that the hair retains moisture and doesn’t poof too easily. Pick a deep conditioner that’s infused with natural oils so that the hair stays healthy throughout the trip. GK Hair Deep Conditioner Treatment is perfect in this regard, as it contains Juvexin Keratin along with Jojoba Oil and Natural Seed Oils, which deeply nourish your hair and protect it from damage. 


Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment | GK Hair USA


Step 3:

Pack Your Own Hair Care 

Warning: Do not rely on those one-in-all and all-in-one products in your hotel shower. Your hair type, texture, porosity and history is different from anyone and thus requires more customized hair care products. So, be sure to pack your own hair care bundles that perfectly suit your hair type. If picking each single product is too much of a hassle, just go on and take GK Hair Travel Kit with you which features everything from styling to protection. 

Step 4:

Keep It Simple 

Remember: A vacay is to keep your worldly troubles aside and let your mind be free of stress. You don’t wanna ruin it with your hair troubles. So, try to keep your hair routine as low maintenance as possible. Keep it simple, chic and classy. Stay low on creating fancy blowouts or bone-straight locks and go with the natural looks. That way you’ll have less to worry about your hair and more to enjoy the trip. 

Step 5:

Look Up For Some Simple, Chic Hairstyles

Do not trust your improvisation skills, honestly. It doesn’t work out when you’re running late and just want to come up with the simplest of the hairstyles. So be prepared beforehand and look up for a few simple, easy, go-to hairstyles that instantly uplift your look. To make it easier for you, we’ve already listed down some of the best hairstyles for a worry-free vacation!


Do A High Knot Bun | GK Hair USA


Do A High-Knot Bun


Super-quick, chic, and easy to do, a high-knot bun is the perfect choice for all hair types, from fine to frizzy and curly. All you need is a hair tie or a couple of bobby pins to secure the hairdo. Make sure to leave out some face-framing strands (or not if you like it sleeked). This updo is quite low-maintenance and can be easily done within a few minutes. 


Let Your Natural Texture Take The Lead


Let Your Natural Texture Take The Lead


There’s no need for your hair to be perfectly straight or curly to look good. Whatever your texture be, just go with it. Let your hair find its own way around. You can make it look upright classy by pinning back your face-framing sections with a bit of back-comb. To make sure the hair stays smooth and frizz-free throughout, apply a few drops of GK Hair Argan Oil Serum on the hair lengths, and you’re good to go. 


Make Braids Your BFFs  | GK Hair USA


Make Braids Your BFFs


Be it the easiest three-strand braid, or a complicated fishtail, braids are your best friends when it comes to low-maintenance quick hairstyling. Practice a few braiding techniques beforehand to make sure you can handle it in a situation of urgency. Finish off with a few spritzes of Dry Oil Shine Spray for extra luster and shine. 



The Slicked-Back Look For Your Short Bob


The Slicked-Back Look For Your Short Bob


Don’t fret if your hair is too short to be braided or bunned. Take a bit of GK Hair Shaping Wax and emulsify it. Then, style your short hair slicked back with the help of the wax. Quickest yet coolest! This slicked back look is the ultimate boss-lady look for your vacation. 



Take Help From The Headbands


Take Help From The Headbands


Hair bandanas and headbands are en vogue these days and instantly take your basic hairstyle up a notch. If doing your hair seems like too much at the moment, just take a bandana or a headband and wrap it around your head. And ta-da! You’re ready to slay the day.


But, How Would You Take Care Of The Unicorn Hair?


But, How Would You Take Care Of The Unicorn Hair?


We get it! Unicorn hair is a trouble when it comes to maintenance on a vacation! Guess what? We have a solution for it as well. You don’t have to bring bulks of colorful dyes and conditioners with you to maintain the unicorn hair. Enter Lock Me Color Masque, a multitasking deep conditioning masque which not only prolongs the longevity of your fantasy hair dyes, but also keeps the mane protected from UV/UVA damage. So ditch your multiple tinted conditioners, take this styling aid with you and slay your vacay shoot with vibrant, well-nourished hues.