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Lock Me Color Masque
Lock Me Color Masque
Lock Me Color Masque
Lock Me Color Masque
Lock Me Color Masque
Lock Me Color Masque
Lock Me Color Masque
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Lock Me Color Masque

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Protect the longevity of your color-treated hair with Lock Me Color Masque, a multitasking smoothing solution to prolong hair color and prevent it from UV/UVA damage.
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Glossy, revived hair awaits. This color-protecting masque deeply conditions hair from root to tip, quenching thirsty hair and preventing dullness and breakage.

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  • Protects color-treated hair from UV/UVA rays.
  • Improves the longevity of your hair color.
  • Deeply nourishes the hair strand.
  • Repairs environmental and chemical damage.
  • Retains natural hair moisture and shine.
  • 4x healthier, more tamed hair without frizz.
  • block.settings.icon-text1 Color-Safe
  • block.settings.icon-text2 UV/UVA Protection
  • block.settings.icon-text3 Smoothing
Juvexin V2:Juvexin V2 is a plant-based protein derived from Quinoa and Pea, Which is optimized to repair and strengthen hair from the inside out.
GK Hair Products are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA, TEA, or Gluten.We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.

Q: What Does Lock Me Color Masque Do?

A: GK Hair Lock Me Color Masque protects the hair’s natural substances with the provision of creating new and healthier hair. The advanced formulation locks in healthy hair cells with double protection revealing the hair’s natural beauty while deep conditioning and protecting hair color. Thus, firmness is enhanced and the hair is fully protected against hair damages, dullness, breakage and hair fall. Buy now GK Hair Lock Me Color Masque for color protection and hair moisture.

Q: Can The Hair Taming System Be Done On Pregnant/Nursing Women?

A: While there aren’t any known adverse effects, pregnant/nursing women should consult a physician prior to any type of hair treatment.

Q: How Often Can The Treatment Be Done?

A: Even through the treatments last for 3-5 months, it can be refreshed after four weeks.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Miami Bombshell And Other GK Hair Treatments?

A: Miami Bombshell is specifically formulated for blonde hair; it has a violet/blue base which neutralizes brassy tones. The treatment restores the hair inside out.

Q: Can GK Taming System Be Used On Henna Dyed Hair?

A: Where there are no restrictions, we cannot quite guarantee the same results on henna-dyed hair as it’s very hard to open the cuticle of henna dyed hair.

Preserve the vibrancy and shine of your color-treated hair

This protective masque seals in color, defends against UV/UVA rays, and smooths the hair, delivering a silky finish while preventing color fade.


no added parabens.


animal cruelty-free


gluten free


phthalate free


sulfate free


DEA/ TEA free



noticed long-lasting color


reported less frizz


claimed healthier hair

Our Ingredients

Juvexin V2

Juvexin V2

Juvexin V2 is a plant-based protein derived from Quinoa and Pea, Which is optimized to repair and strengthen hair from the inside out.

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Natural Grain Extracts

Natural Grain Extracts

Bond to the hair cuticle to strengthen and protect hair from the harsh environmental elements.

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Natural Plant Extracts

Natural Plant Extracts

Deliver gentle moisture to dry, coarse hair.

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Customer Reviews

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Revitalized Locks: Healthy, Shiny, and Strong

Deep conditioning at its finest; my hair feels nourished and silky-smooth.

A. Mcsherry
Vibrant Beauty Bliss

Lock Me Color Masque is a daily dose of luxury for my hair, and I'm addicted to the results.

Lifesaver for Locks

My hair color stays vivid and gorgeous, all thanks to Lock Me Color Masque.

Shine That Dazzles

The shine Lock Me Color Masque adds is next level.

item ordered
Lock Me Masque Brilliance

Deep conditioning and UV protection are a dynamic duo in Lock Me Color Masque.