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The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

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The Best COCO

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The Best COCO

Looking for a vegan smoothing solution for your hair? Try GK Hair Vegan Hair Treatment, a treatment that has been developed to serve the vegan audience. This treatment lasts for up to 4-6 months, leaving your hair soft, smooth and manageable. It delivers extraordinary results on every hair type and texture. This formula is safe to use on color-treated hair and does not disrupt your hair color. Vegan Hair Treatment comes in two flavors- The Best Acai Hair Treatment and The Best Coco Hair Treatment. What makes these two special? They contain Vegan Juvexin, also called Juvexin V2, which is a blend of Pea and Quinoa. It helps in maintaining the natural brilliance of hair by protecting it against environmental damage. The Vegan Hair Treatment complements your vegan hair care, and helps in smoothing the hair from the inside out by giving a dose of moisture and hydration. Make sure to follow up with GK Hair Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner for perfect aftercare.

The Best Acai

Smooths the texture of your hair with the unique vegan blend of Juvexin V2, Açaí, Acerola and Grape Extract. These super ingredients, loaded with nutrients, tame and smooth the hair making it stronger and healthier than ever before. since GK Hair products are free of parabens and sulfate. Say goodbye to weakened and dull  hair with the special anti-aging agents in this vegan nutritional complex. See the difference yourself. The stylists swear by it for a reason.

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The Best Coco
The Best Acai
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  1. Wash your hair twice with GK Hair pH+ Shampoo to open the cuticles properly for the absorption of the Best Coco kit.
  2. During each wash, make sure to leave the shampoo for 3 minutes. Avoid massaging scalp.
  3. Now section the hair and apply the Best Coco ¼’’ away from the scalp.
  4. Leave the product in for 40 to 60 minutes.
  5. Rinse the product thoroughly to make sure that your product is free of The Best Coco.
  6. If your hair is color treated, make sure to use the GK Hair Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo then rinse.
  7. Apply the GK Hair Deep Conditioner for 5 minutes then rinse
  8. Blow dry and flat iron your hair to seal the cuticle.

Juvexin V2: A special protein blend of superfoods for your hair that instantly tame down unruly hair. Extracted naturally plant based sources: Pea and Quinoa, Juvenix V2 favors both, your vegan lifestyle and the environment. It replenishes hair’s natural keratin protein lost by excessive heating or styling. It makes up a protective shield to refrain the hair from future damage. 
Coconut Oil: Delivers deep hydration from roots to tip. It smoothes flyways and detangles dry ends to fight frizz and make hair gorgeously straight. 
Vitamin E: High in antioxidants supply, it pulls double duty by restoring hair’s elasticity and providing extra protection to brittle strands. 
Goji Berry: Has a detoxifying impact on the hair. Puts hair breakage worries to rest. 

  • Nourishes and Strengthens Hair
  • Reduces Styling Time
  • Smooths and Strengthens
  • Easy application

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment
The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

GK Hair The Best Coco Treatment

Eliminates Frizz and Curls

Locks in deep hydration and tames flyaways and frizz for a flawless look.

The Best Hair Treatment

Prolongs Hair Life

Reinforces strands for added strength and improves overall condition of the hair.

Eliminates Frizz and Curls

Strengthens Hair

Vegan Juvexin prevents degradation and restores mane’s natural brilliance.

asked questions

The Best Coco Vegan hair treatment is 100% free from Formaldehyde.

Yes. The Best Coco hair treatment is safe for color treated hair. However we recommend to color the hair after the treatment.

The Best Coco is suitable for all hair types. However, it works best on frizzy, tangled hair to tame the curls and smooth them.

The Best Coco Treatment does contain a peach fragrance. It is extracted purely from natural fruits. No artificial fragrances are included.

Please be informed that you can apply the color and The Best Coco Vegan hair treatment on the same day. However, we recommend to use only deposit color following The Best treatment with 10 volume developer or lower.

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