Wet Styling Techniques For Curly Hair

For hair that’s prone to frizz and dryness, and takes ages to style, wet styling is an optimal way to go. As the name suggests, wet styling refers to the process in which you apply styling products to your soaking wet hair, style it as desired, and leave it for drying completely. Once dry, your hair has a lot more definition, bounce, and body, with almost zero frizz. Although suitable for all hair types, wet styling is most popular for curly hair types. Read on to find simple wet styling techniques to flaunt your frizz-free curls. 




To finger-coil your hair, all you need are your styling products and your index finger. Apply a good leave-in product, like GK Hair Leave-In Conditioner Cream, and a few spritzes of CurlsDefineHer Spray on your dripping wet hair. Comb through so that the product is evenly spread, and coil each curl clump around your index finger to create spirals. The thickness of the clump depends on your preference of the curls. Once you’ve worked through all of the hair, apply a gel to hold curls in place and squeeze out excess water. This will help dry your hair quicker and leave you with amazing, gorgeous curls.


Your Curls Are Talking! Are You Listening?



If you aren’t a fan of finger-coiling, this technique is for you, as you don’t need to coil the clump through your finger. For this technique, apply the products in the same fashion as finger-coiling, and divide your hair into multiple sections. Part each section into two, and start by twisting them into a two-strand braid. If you want your hair to have mermaid waves, style your partitions into three-strand braids instead. Once done, leave the braids overnight or until fully dried, and separate the clumps.

Brush Rolling

For this technique, you need a styling tool, i.e., a brush. Although it looks a bit tricky to pull off, this trick is comparatively more convenient once you know how to do it perfectly. Start with the product application and partition, and pick your brush. Slowly glide brush to your hair until you reach the tips. Then, turn your brush upside down while the clump tip is still in the bristles, and start rolling the clump on the brush base. Once done, slowly pull out the brush and let the clump fall free. And voila! Repeat this process for the rest of the hair and enjoy unparalleled definition to your frizz-free curls.