How to Add Volume to Your Hair Naturally

Imagine yourself getting prepared for an occasion and thinking of a voluminous hairstyle but your hair doesn’t seem to respond. Flat hair is difficult to style and hairstyles that need volume are impossible to create. If your hair is glued to your hair and you want to make it look fuller and add body to it, we have some handy tricks to get hold of. You can add natural hair volume with minimum effort.

Effortless Tricks for Amazing Hair Volume

  1. Back Brushing:

    You can create soft volume in your hair by teasing your hair strands and brushing them backwards using a large paddle brush. Back brush your hair gently by pinning the upper most hair and then working section by section. You need to hold each section stiff and away from your head while brushing it with quick strokes in a downward motion.
  2. Blow Dry Upside Down:

    Blow drying your hair from the sides will only dry your wet hair but won’t do any good in terms of volume. The hack to the best voluminous blow out is to flip your head upside down and then blow dry it. When your head is upside down, your roots are automatically lifted off your scalp which volumizes your hair. Straighten up your ends with a flat iron when you finish, this will make your hair straight with volume.
    How to Add Volume to your hair
  3. Give a Boost to Your Roots:

    Volumizing products are helpful for your hair. They provide structural support to your hair to create lift from the roots. Choose your volumizing product wisely. Apply it all over your head at your scalp. Use the spray on damp hair as it wont work if your hair is dry. 
  1. Change the Way You Part Your Hair:

    Everyone has a favorite place to part their hair or there is a place where your hair falls naturally. Your hair falls flat at the place where it always is, when you flip your hair to the other side, it creates instant volume at the crown. If you don’t like it that way, just flip it for a while when your hair is wet so your hair gets some body.

  2. Sleep with a Bun:

    A cheat for overnight volume without the use of heat, is sleeping with a bun. When you wash your hair at night, just tie your hair in a lose bun while its still damp. Your hair will be lifted up your scalp during the night and you will have instant volume and soft waves in the morning.
  3. Haircut and Color:

    Stylists recommend to get your hair cut in light layering which will make your hair bouncier and more voluminous. Layers should be inside the hair instead of ends or too close to the scalp. Hair color can also make your hair look fuller and add hair volume if you have thin, fine hair. Your stylist can create a lighter highlight on your dark hair or create a multidimensional look with multiple shades to create an illusion of movement. Additionally, hair color also expands the hair shaft which makes your hair appear volumized and thicker.

Volume is the key to perfect styling. Hair volume makes it easy to create amazing hairdos. Follow these effective natural tips to achieve the desired hair volume and subscribe GK Hair Blog for more useful tips.