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GK Hair Lighteners – Choose the most suitable option!

Mostly, when a client wishes to go from dark to a lighter hair color, lightening agents are used. Lightening, itself is a rigorous process as it lifts the hair’s pigment. Therefore, using the wrong product can damage your client’s hair. GKhair has... Continue reading

Three Different Options - GKhair Color Bombshell Masques

Winters are a fun time for playing around with colors. With the excitement of holidays and Christmas settling in, funky hair colors storm into fashion.... Continue reading

Leave-In Spray- Giving Clients’ Hair Some Extra Love

How many times have you heard your clients complain about split-ends or that their hair is too fried? Not properly caring for your hair can be the cause, but to keep it simple not enough nourishment is a sure recipe for damage.... Continue reading

5 'Must Do' Things To Know Before Going Silver or Platinum

When it comes to maintaining hair shades, platinum and silver are ranked really high. Therefore, it is important to let your clients know the required... Continue reading

Four Reasons To Go For The Deep Conditioning Treatment For Curly Hair

Just like any new service appointment you try and are amazed how you ever lived without it, a deep conditioning treatment serves the same way. This specifically works wonderfully for those who have natural curly hair. The dryness of hair makes it... Continue reading
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