Learn All About GKhair (Global Keratin)

Global Keratin, founded in 2007 by Brazilian born, Van Tibolli is a top-quality hair care brand. Global Keratin re-branded as GKhair in 2011. The brand offers superior salon professional treatments, styling tools and end user products in more than 70 countries. CEO, Van Tibolli after years of research and study found a protein blend that has the capability of restoration and regeneration of cells. He named the protein blend as Juvexin which is the most purified form of protein and a keratin anti-aging blend which restores hair to its youthful state and protects it from future damage. All GKhair products including hair colors contain Juvexin.



Global Keratin's Patent; Juvexin

GK Hair the No.1 company in hair taming worldwide, has innovated a variety of keratin hair treatments for particular hair types and results. The company has discovered a distinctive protein blend which is extracted from pristine sheep wool through an environmentally friendly and a cruelty free process. This protein blend named as Juvexin by GK Hair has the qualities of regenerating damaged cells and protecting them from damage.

GK Hair is constantly innovating in the science of hair. The company gives a complete range of products for the health of your hair and to make it look beautiful. GK Hair believes in revolution and technological advancement to provide its users with the best products & services. Van Tibolli, CEO of GK Hair motivates his team to progress with new ideas. The company has keratin treatments for all hair types. The treatments that GK Hair offers are safe and are based on results. Global Keratin has always developed products based on user’s needs and feedback. GK Hair has more than 400 salons all around the world. In 2012 GK Hair’s The Best Juvexin Treatment became the No.1 compliant smoothing product to be sold to salons worldwide. Global Keratin (GKhair) is the first brand to launch a special keratin treatment for blonde hair.


The company offers a huge range of salon quality styling products and tools. The Hair Serum by GK Hair got the Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award in 2015. GK Hair Styling and Aftercare products include the Hair Serum, Cashmere, Leave-In Spray and Cream, CurlsDefineHer, ThermalStyleHer, Hair Wax and several other products to help you achieve your styling goals. The brand has a wide range of Shampoos and Conditioners prepared with a sulfate free and paraben free formula to protect your hair from chemical damage. The Juvexin Shield Shampoo and Conditioner by Global Keratin won the Swedish Beauty Cosmetic Award in 2016. The Moisturizing Shampoo won the Harper Bazar’s Award in 2015 for the best shampoo for colored hair category. Other awards won by different products include The Best Product Awards and The Reader’s Choice Awards.


Hair Color & More

The keratin hair colors by GK Hair offer a wide range of colors. GK Hair Juvexin Cream Color range offers 87 color shades. You can choose from naturals, blondes, browns & more. GK Hair offers vivid and vibrant shades with color lock formula, 100% grey coverage, and shine. The ceramides in GK Hair keratin hair colors provide moisture and protein conditioning to achieve balance and strength, reducing the hair’s overall permeability. GK Hair has a full fledge E-commerce website through which one can order all GK Hair products conveniently. GK Hair also offers the best quality hair curling, straightening and styling tools for the ease of its users. Since the beginning Van has observed the effects of change in hair on one’s personality. He has always wanted to bring the safest and superior quality products to the users. Van makes sure that his products consist of the highest quality ingredients available in market.

GK Hair and Education

GK Hair believes in education and skill development of its stylists, educators and new people who aspire to be hair stylists. Following the belief GK Hair keeps organizing different hair education workshops and seminars in different parts of the world to keep its stylists updated and to teach new techniques to new people who join. To teach people about new coloring, styling and treatment methods Global Keratin (GK Hair) recently introduced its Education Portal. The portal is for the convenience of hair educators and students to easily teach and learn from home by just uploading their courses. The portal is free of cost and easy to access.

GK Hair has always tried to create a synergy of beauty and technology. It is the only hair care brand to have a mobile application which caters a salon, a distributor and the end user. It connects all three of them to attain their GK Hair products. We at GK Hair work for the comfort and ease of our user to give them the best hair experience and results.