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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work - GK Hair Train The Trainer 2022

Growth, in every field of life, follows a predetermined paradigm, where you start from scratch, building bit by bit, learning more as you move ahead, until you are at the top of the pyramid. But growth never stops, not even when you... Sigue leyendo

Labor Day 2022 | How to Celebrate?

The first Monday of September! A day dedicated to all of our folks who work hard and smart and make a living out of it.... Sigue leyendo

Here’s How To Celebrate Independence Day 2022 | GK Hair

The 4th of July is celebrated throughout the U.S. with great enthusiasm and excitement, since the day marks the independence of the nation from British colonial rule. There are parades, feasts, fireworks, concerts, and much more to participate in and get excited... Sigue leyendo

10 Easy Ways To Celebrate Pride Month

The beginning of June officially marks the arrivals of scorching summers, as well as the time to be proud of yourselves. Throughout the month, people... Sigue leyendo

Modern Salon’s Independent Bootcamp

Solopreneur  /ˈsəʊləʊprəˈnəː/ Noun A person who sets up and runs a business on their own. This is what an independent hair artist is; a solopreneur building their career in the hair care industry by either renting within a salon or a suite... Sigue leyendo
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