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Hair Washing 101 | How Often Do You Need To Wash Your Hair

You might have wondered a lot of times if you’re washing your hair too much or else, and that is probably the reason why you’ve landed on this blog in the first place. From a regular hair wash to an... Sigue leyendo

3 How-To’s To Master Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is a tricky business; each client that walks in your salon comes up with a new request and you have to... Sigue leyendo

3 Stylist Techniques To Ace Hair Highlighting

Have a client who’s ready to get the newest technique in highlighting? Or the one who’s bringing back to life an old lightening job? Sharpen your tools, because we’re here bringing you 3 noteworthy stylist techniques that will take your... Sigue leyendo

Top 10 Hair Colors That Will Be Everywhere In 2023

Looking for a hair color inspo for 2023? We’ve got you. From blondes to brunettes and beyond,

we... Sigue leyendo

5 Easy Travel-Friendly Hairstyles You Can Try In Holidays

No matter how accomplished you are, you are yet to achieve something if you haven’t had the experience of a frizz-free traveling. Going one place to another takes a huge toll on your hair, and there’s not much that you... Sigue leyendo


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