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Impact 19 - GKhair goes big with revolutionary techniques and diverse product line

Bassett Salon Solutions organized Impact 19 this October. They brought beauty brands and industry professionals together to inspire and share knowledge. Tricia Ostrom represented GKhair at the event. She held hands-on education and live transformations, sharing her knowledge with the audience. She... Sigue leyendo

GKhair Ion Pro - Blow-drying Has Never Been This Easy!

You will literally be blown away when you hear about this new, incredibly amazing product that GKhair has launched. The all-new Ion Pro Blow Dryer... Sigue leyendo

GK Hair Ion Pro Blow Dryer - The Professional Styling Tool!

Get ready to have your mind blown away with the brand new, ultra-modern GKhair Ion Pro Blow Dryer. This product is not just an average dryer! It makes sure each and every hair strand feels the heat while minimizing damage. Through the... Sigue leyendo

How To Hollywood Glam- Step By Step

Whether it’s a girl’s night out or red carpet gala, finger waves will easily award you with extra applause for any occasion. Finger waves are... Sigue leyendo

Marketing Mistakes Salon Owners Are Making & How To Avoid Them

Are you communicating with your customers using the same old campaigns? You would never want to repeat mistakes but instead learn from them, right? We can all agree that we want your salon to continue to attract new clients, retain the current... Sigue leyendo
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