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Help your clients be their Best Blonde Bombshell | Step by Step Application of Miami Bombshell

Does your clientele consist of a lot of blondes? If so, you probably know that blonde hair requires special attention in the salon. Having said that, it is pertinent to know that frizz and dryness in hair can be a complete nightmare... Sigue leyendo

Upgrade Your Hair Taming System with The Best and Resistant Smoothing - Find Out How

The Hair Taming Systems have gained popularity especially among people who have resistant hair types. They provide smooth and straight hair results for prolonged periods... Sigue leyendo

How to Give Your Clients a Fast Blow Dry Ensuring Hair Protection

Honestly, there is something magical about someone leaving your salon with hair that is literally bouncing. The clients feel good and you know they look good too. There is no bigger of a satisfaction than finding your client’s hair beautifully done. It's... Sigue leyendo

Need a Cascade of Silky and Shiny Hair Shimmering Down your Shoulders?

Moment of truth — every time you pull your hair back or in a style to hide the appearance of your hair, what are you... Sigue leyendo

Keratin Treatment—What You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about keratin hair treatments Have you ever experienced even a smidgen of frizz before? Do you really want silky, swingy, frizz-free hair? Have you ever been told by your stylist to try keratin treatment? Well, probably its... Sigue leyendo
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