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Heat Styling Woes and their Solutions

No matter how you decide to style your hair on any given day, it is bound to involve damaging it in one way or the other. Whether you tug at your strands brutally while pulling it up in an up-do, or decide... Sigue leyendo

How to create a Bright Blonde Balayage

Summer is here and with that, the undying love for blonde is in the air! To prepare artists for the blonde marathon they’ll be doing... Sigue leyendo

Upgrade Your Hair Taming System with The Best and Resistant Smoothing - Find Out How

The Hair Taming Systems have gained popularity especially among people who have resistant hair types. They provide smooth and straight hair results for prolonged periods of time - initially 3-5 months. Therefore, clients all over the world with curly, frizzy, damaged hair,... Sigue leyendo

A New Year, A New Beginning, A New Us!

Fare Thee Well, Oh Fruitful 2018! Welcome, 2019! It’s been a busy 2018 for GKhair. The year saw resolutions turn into revelations. It was a... Sigue leyendo

How to Give Your Clients a Fast Blow Dry Ensuring Hair Protection

Honestly, there is something magical about someone leaving your salon with hair that is literally bouncing. The clients feel good and you know they look good too. There is no bigger of a satisfaction than finding your client’s hair beautifully done. It's... Sigue leyendo
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