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Why Hair Salon Owners Miss Out On Clients

It’s a known fact that hair salon owners try hard to win clients but what if they were losing them for two simple reasons? We have pinned a couple of reasons most stylists think could be pivotal in retaining a healthy clientele... Sigue leyendo

Easy & Fun To-Do Hairstyles for Easter

Checking out on last minute preparations for Easter? You already have your outfit, but what about your hair? Do you have any idea of what... Sigue leyendo

Are you a Future Hair Stylist?

Do you love hair? Playing with it or learning about new color and cutting techniques? There are a lot of people out there who love the art of hair-styling. Its your overall attitude which is probably the biggest indicator that you are... Sigue leyendo

Dry Shampoo and You A Styling Choice for Winter

Styling your hair in winter? Give dry shampoo a chance Beauty and hair care experts are often suggesting that it’s not always a good idea... Sigue leyendo

Ash Blonde | Hair Color You Would Want To Try Today

Want to rock that Pinterest look you love? Achieve your dream look with a color that will help you look your real persona, ash blonde. Now what is this ash blonde?? It’s a light shade of blonde with a grayish tint to... Sigue leyendo
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