GK Hair Best Professional Keratin Treatment - Salon Treatment
GK Hair Best Professional Keratin Treatment -  Salon Treatment
Buy Keratin Hair Curly Treatment - GK Hair USA
Curly hair keratin treatment | GK Hair USA
Best Professional Keratin Treatment - GK Hair USA
Curly Hair Treatment Pro
Curly hair keratin treatment | GK Hair USA
Curly hair keratin treatment | GK Hair USA
Curly Hair Treatment Pro

Curly Hair Treatment Pro

Hair Treatments

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Get familiar with a part of No. 1 worldwide hair taming system, Curly Hair Treatment. Infused with Juvexin, Coconut Oil, and Anti-Static Agents, this smoothing treatment eliminates frizz and hair damage and makes the hair supple and smooth.

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Thinking about getting rid of the frizz and dull hair? Check out GK Hair Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair! Get over all your damaged curly hair problems with one solution. This treatment is infused with Juvexin and Natural Oils that are helpful in maintaining the natural brilliance of hair while keeping the tresses moisturized and hydrated. The treatment lasts from 4 to 6 months depending on your hair care routine.

Shampoo client’s hair at least twice with GK Hair pH+ Shampoo, apply 1/4 inch from roots and massage into each section. Comb for even distribution and to remove excess product. Blow dry client's hair until 100% dry then flat iron to seal the cuticle. Wait 48 hours before washing the hair.

Juvexin V2:Juvexin V2 is a plant-based protein derived from Quinoa and Pea, Which is optimized to repair and strengthen hair from the inside out.
ANTI-STATIC AGENTS:Coat the hair with moisture.
COCONUT OIL:Acts as rich natural emollient to slow the loss of moisture from the hair, maintaining smooth and nourished strands.
GK Hair Products are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA, TEA, or Gluten.We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.

Q: Is Formaldehyde Present In GK The Best?

A: The Best is 100% free from Formaldehyde.

Q: Why Is There A Wait Time For The Hair To Be Washed? (For Resistant Or Curly)

A: We recommend waiting because it takes 48 hours for Resistant to form a stronger bond with the hair cortex. If the hair is washed right after the treatment, some or most of the treatment may get washed out and the results may not last as long as desired.

Q: What’s The Application Procedure Of Resistant?

A: Step 1: Shampoo client’s hair twice or thrice with GK pH+ Clarifying Shampoo. Step 2: Apply ¼ inch away from roots, massage into each section and comb for even distribution removing the excess product from the comb. Step 3: Blow dry client's hair until it’s 100% dry. Step 4: Flat iron to smooth out and seal the cuticles. The product should be left on for 48 hours and the hair should not be played with.

Q: Is It Acceptable To Do Color The Same Day As The Best Treatment?

A: Please be informed that you can apply the color and The Best Keratin treatment on the same day. However, we recommend to use only deposit color following The Best treatment with 10 volume developer or lower.

Q: Does One Formula Work On All Hair Types?

A: The Best works on all hair types. Custom smoothing results can be achieved depending on the requirements of the client.



claimed healthier hair


noticed frizz removal


reported smooth texture



Dry Frizzy Damaged


Wavy Curly Afro


Hair damage Frizz Brittleness

Key Benefits

  • Deeply nourishes the hair and keeps it aptly moisturized.
  • Reduces frizz down by 90%.
  • Juvexin fortifies the hair from within and repairs the damage.
  • Cuts everyday styling duration down to half.
  • Removes brittleness from the hair and keeps it smooth.


Curly Hair Treatment Pro-benefits

Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Happy with the product - will re-order - UPDATE

I don't know what i expected however, the amount of hair loss has been reduced considerably. I do have to use a conditioner in addition to this as my hair is my drier with this product.This is an update after going through my first bottle of GKHair . A couple of months ago, my hair was thinning and and many strands a day were falling out. Today, I can't say my hair is thicker, but I can say I am not loosing hair at any rate I was a few months ago. Combine this with taking hair growth vitamins and reducing my stress level, I am quite happy with this product. Also, a note from my barber, I actually have new hair growing. ALL POSITIVE EVENTS. I HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO PURCHASE AND USE GKHair SHAMPOO.

Noticed a difference right away

After first use, I noticed hair was less frizzy, more shiny, and overall much healthier looking.

Pump dispenser would not "pop" up ...

I had a problem getting the pump to "pop" up but finally got it to work. So if you can't get the pump to work just .tighten the entire cap as tight as you can by hand, then turn the pump counter clockwise (about 1/2 turn) it will spring up.

Amazing Product!

I remember getting this product in one of my monthly subscriptions and absolutely loving it. I knew I had to purchase a bigger size! This product works amazing for my frizzy curls and smells amazing too.I would recommend this if you have thin curly hair. It's moisturizing and light enough to hold my curls up while giving me nice volume.

Very soft on the hair!

I buy this all the time and usually buy it at the store but most stores run out quick so I buy it here instead. It makes my hair feels soft after the shower and helps moisturize and hydrate it so it doesn’t look bad.

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