10 Tips To Keep Your Red Hair Color Vibrant

Ever wondered about dying your hair red? Red shades vary in level and tone as you probably have noticed some like; Red, Copper or even Strawberry Blonde which can be deep and rich or soft and subtle. It is a high-impact hair color and its strong pigments need a little extra upkeep due to the larger molecule of the red color. So, if you want to grab attention, opt for this hair shade that will not go unnoticed. We have compiled our top 10 tips to keep the red hair color vibrant and most importantly redheads happy.

01 Ingredients

Make it a rule of thumb to always opt for shampoos, conditioners and styling products with color safety ingredients. Such products don’t contain sulfates or parabens, main culprits for fading color and result in unwanted brassy tones.

02 Lessen The Suds

It’s a fact that water dulls hair color and red being on the top of the list. You can hold onto your color by shampooing every other day. A good dry shampoo has vitamin E that not only cleanse hair but also keeps it dry and can help you to extend between washes.

03 Seal Cuticles

Preserve your red hair color by rinsing conditioned hair with a nice cool water to seal the cuticles, make it a habit, the cold rinse will help to preserve the moisture in the hair and can even be refreshing.

04 Deep Conditioning

It’s not a myth to understand that healthy hair means better color, especially for reds. Start with a deep moisturizing conditioner a day before processing your locks which will even the porosity of your hair so your stylist has an even pallet to start coloring on. Use it before the color application and once a week thereafter.

05 Stick To The Roots

It should be kept in mind that applying hair color over previously colored hair can lead to over processing and uneven results. So, routinely visiting the same stylist to formulate a long-term plan for your hair will always keep you looking your best.

Over Processing Red Hair Color

06 Add Pigments

Look alive between color applications with an enhancing treatment like a Bombshell Color Masque—the colorists' secret weapon can target your treatment and prevent the fading that can happen over time.

07 Regular Refresh

Keeping in mind the nature of red pigments, redheads are advised to color boost more often than their counterparts. You have to keep those color refreshes regular for consistently rich and even color from root to tip.

08 Use A Hat

The sun might be helpful in adding vitamin D but, seriously, it can dull your red hair color in a very drastic way. You can think of it as one of the main culprits responsible for damaging color. Protect yourself from UV rays and extend the life of your color. Keep your head covered up whenever you go out or use a UV spay.

09 Condition and Swim

Pool water can be a color kryptonite when it comes to altered tones. Try to avoid chlorine by wetting hair with tap water and adding some conditioner, also, rinse in the shower after exiting the pool.

10 Protect and Shine

We know sun fades color. Right? Because it really does. But here is the thing! You can put your best red forward by using a leave-in conditioner that has UV protection attributes. Our leave-in conditioner has in it that which lets you get your shine on!