Make hairstyling a breeze
Your hair speaks volumes about your personality and makes a lasting first impression, but what does it take to create confidence in your look? Is it a session at the spa every week, expensive hair treatments, or crazy DIYs that almost never work? Well, in our books, all it takes are just 3 products to make hairstyling a breeze, so you can flaunt your locks, just the way you like them, and go about your day, without a worry about your hair.


Sleek straight hair is classic and almost never goes out of style, but achieving this hair is quite the task depending on your hair texture. The heat of flat irons, in the long run, can be a concern given the excess heat, but we have just the right product to put your mind at ease and get your hair on fleek. ThermalStyleHer is a styling aid packed with the natural goodness of Juvexin and natural extracts that don’t just protect hair from the heat and damage caused by styling tools, but also protects each strand of hair and nourishes it from within. The product also smoothens flyaways and unruly hair to make each styling session, easy and effective.

What’s to love

  • Protects against heat
  • Contains Juvexin, natural silicones, seed oils, and grain extracts
  • Seals moisture in the hair
  • Smoothens the hair
  • Makes styling a breeze

Dry Oil Shine Spray

A magic potion for your hair, the Dry Oil Shine Spray is a pleasant smelling, lightweight finishing spray that instantly elevates your hair game and gives it an enviable shine. The Juvexin, natural oils, and botanical extracts present in the spray protect the hair from external damage and nourish the hair from within. A spray can be used to dry hair for instant and intense shine on-the-go. We recommend using this post-hair-styling to achieve glam hair that’s insta-ready.

What’s to love

  • Non-sticky lightweight oil spray
  • Powered with Juvexin, natural oils, and botanical extracts
  • Doesn’t leave behind any residue
  • Floral fragrance
  • Protects hair
  • Makes styling a breeze

Leave-In Conditioner Cream

The Leave-In Conditioner Cream is our version of plug and play, and by that we mean, minimal effort, maximum impact. All it takes is a pump after your regular hair wash, and voila, moisturized hair ready to bedazzle onlookers. The Leave-In Cream contains Juvexin and natural grain extracts to restore hair health, protect hair from possible heat and environmental damage, and nourish each strand from within. The cream is simple to use and is very effective for normal and dry hair types.

What’s to love:

  • Powered by Juvexin
  • Instant moisturization
  • Doubles up as a styling aid
  • Helps protect your hair through swims and exercises
  • Makes styling a breeze
Each of these products serves a purpose in a perfect hairstyling routine. The ThermalStyleHer is the perfect styling aid when you want to look extra special without the heat from styling tools coming in the way. The Dry Shine Oil Spray is perfect for when you need some extra shine and dazzle on a dull day. And finally, the Leave-In Cream comes in handy when you need an extra boost of moisture on-the-go. Whatever be the scenario, we have just the right products to make sure you look your absolute best.