5 Styling Products That You Are Going To Need This Winter

Winter and hair styling? You are in for a rough ride. Hair styling in winters isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if you get it right everytime, you’re in luck. Figuring out which styling products can work for your hair needs can actually take your hair game up a notch. Scroll down for these 5 styling product recommendations that your hair definitely needs to survive this summer. 


Leave-In Conditioner

Hair dryness is not new; many of us face hair dryness during winters and, no matter how much we hydrate our hair, it’s just never enough. To be hair, some hair types are naturally drier than the others and there’s not much you can do about it, except to hydrate it more. This is where a Leave-In Conditioner comes in. Applied on damp, freshly washed hair, Leave-In Conditioner quickly tames post-shower frizz and prepares the hair for an effortless styling. GK Hair has several Leave-In Treatments for different hair types which cater to your hair care needs. What’s even better is that you can purchase your preferred leave-in at 20% OFF on Holiday Sale. So pick out your favorite, cause you’re in for a real treat.



Cashmere Cream

If your hair breakage increases in winter, you might have a hair tangle problem. Dry strands, since they run in different directions for moisture, tend to get knots and tangles, which results in hair breakage while detangling. Therefore, a smoothing product such as Cashmere Hair Cream can be a game-changer for vulnerable hair. Infused with the goodness of Juvexin and Argan Oil, this cream instantly tames frizz and flyaways and makes it easier to detangle the hair. Add this cream on your winter styling must-have list and get it on 20% Off from Holiday Sale. 



As if the winter alone isn’t harsh enough for the hair, unprotected heat-styling only makes it worse. The high heat coming out of your styling tool dries out every last ounce of moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and straw-like to touch. So here, an expert piece of advice: Always apply thermal protection first before you style your hair. GK Hair ThermalStyleHer Cream offers up to 450F of heat protection, and doesn’t let your hair health get compromised. Its Juvexin infused formula locks in moisture and keeps your hair aptly nourished. 


VolumizeHer Spray

Winter comes with hats, and the hats - well, needless to say, they come with a lack of volume. Retaining hair’s natural bounce and body is a tough call while wearing a headscarf and you have a high probability of ending up with flat, limp hair roots. To prevent this disaster from happening, get your hands on GK Hair VolumizeHer Spray. This lifting spray adds some extra oomph to your limp hair, and boosts volume to the roots. Its lightweight formula adds body and bounce to your hair without weighing it down, which provides fluff to the hair roots. Now, wear your head scarves without fearing limp hair with VolumizeHer Spray.



Of all the hair types, curly hair is most affected by the winter. The reason being, curly hair is sensitive to almost everything and even a slight weather change can disrupt its moisture balance. A little humidity in the air and your hair will start to look like a warzone. A curly hair aid, in such a situation, comes in handy. GK Hair CurlsDefineHer contains natural oils which keep your curls hydrated and gives it a gentle, lightweight hold that stays put all day long. Just apply it on damp, freshly washed hair before you begin styling it, or use it on no-wash days to refresh the curls, and you’re good to go.