A Perfect St. Patrick’s Day 2022 Planned for You

It’s officially the time of year when people around the world come out to celebrate the day of St. Patrick. Everyone is draped in green, and has shamrocks on to represent Saint Patrick’s Day. Feasts, drinks, and dances are in line on March 17th every year, and people enjoy the public holiday with parties and crazy celebrations. Everything is planned, and the day ends in laughter and joy. But there are some people who always need help in planning what to do on this day. If you’re one of them, you’re most probably looking for ideas to plan St. Patrick’s Day 2022. Not to worry, we are here to save you some time. Keep reading if you’re looking for inspiration on how to have the best St. Patrick’s Day, from breakfast to outfit to hair updo to partying. 

Outfit Plans for St. Patrick’s Day

Let’s start with some festive outfit ideas. To begin with, you can either go green from head to toe, or have just a touch of green in your outfit, a subtle form of celebration. For the first kind, it’s comparatively easy to plan their outfit. For the second one, though, we’ve got some chic ideas to look classy, yet festive on St. Patrick’s Day 2022


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  • To add green in a more subtle way to your outfit, try to go with a green sweatshirt or a tank top with a classy upper. It can be a long coat, or a jacket, depending on your preference. 

  • If you want green to be a bit more highlighted, throw on a green blazer, or a jacket. It can be a vest even; you choose whatever works for you. 

  • To go all green, reach for a green maxi or a green shirt with matching trousers. Try out different prints to have more interesting looks. 

  • If this seems a little too much for you, you can just stick to green accessories. A green bag might look gorgeous with a green scarf, or a green mask with green socks. You can also spice things up with green shoes, or green shades. 

  • One way to go all bold, classy and festive at the same time is to put on a green formal suit with the combination of white/black shirt. 

  • You can also play classic and add some green hair accessories to have that green look. It can be a hairpin, a hairband, a fluffy scrunchie, or just a simple ribbon. 

  • Have fun with combinations and try out some exquisite colors that go along with green. Need a suggestion? Black might be a good idea. A white inner with a green coat, or vice versa is a classic combo as well. You can also amp it up with a bright color, fun around with combinations and see what suits the best.

  • If you’re having difficulty in deciding what to choose, wear all of the green you’ve got. Be it a cap, a headscarf, a cozy sweater, a chic bottom, or a sandal. Anything green works for the day. 

  • How about a mini skirt? A cute top with a skirt and a Khaki trench coat with long brown boots is definitely a look to rock!

  • A good idea is to focus on the details and use tiny accessories to pair up with your green boots, such as earrings, a necklace, or a belt. 


Hair Updos for St. Patrick’s Day

Now that you’ve figured out everything about your outfit, it’s time for your hair prepping. There are countless hair updos to go with. But make sure your hair is all ready to take up the excitement of the day, and doesn’t get a frizz attack in the middle of it. To avoid such catastrophe, give your hair an oil treatment/deep conditioning treatment before showering, and make sure you work it on all of the hair. When it’s time, hop into shower and use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for your hair type; be it oily or dry. Looking for a suggestion? Try GK Hair Shampoo and Conditioner range. While Moisturizing Duo is especially formulated for normal to dry hair, Balancing Duo works for normal to oily hair. Both have the same key purpose: to leave your hair nourished, nurtured, and healthy. Once you’re out of shower, make use of leave-in products to help hair stay nourished and in place all day long, such as GK Hair Leave-in Conditioner and Argan Oil Serum. These two products work in synergy to deliver your hair the right moisture and nourishment. 


Hair that Looks Festive Yet Classy!

After you’re done with all of the hair prepping, it’s time for some hair-styling. You can go with any hair updo you feel comfortable in. The most common hairstyle to go with is simple straight hair. If you’re looking for a change, try out some loose curls, or a braid or two maybe. For some extra touch of green, use green ribbons into your braids or buns and go all festive. But ribbons aren’t the only accessory to amp up your hair. Try out a green hair scrunchie. A high ponytail tied up with a fluffy silk green scrunchie will give you an awesome look. You can also try out a hairband or a headscarf if you’re not into tying up your hair. A hair bun, either high or low is also in the list of go-to hair updos. If you’re having trouble with how to pull out an updo, check YouTube for proper tutorials on how to slay a St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyle

To keep your updo in place and glamorous all day long, don’t forget to use shine sprays and finishing products for an exquisite finish. You can also check out GK Hair Dry Oil Shine Spray. This magic elixir delivers instant shine and moisture to your hair, leaving it luminous and hydrated all day long!

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Other Fun Activities for the Day: 

Now that you’re done with the basics, we have rounded up some fun activities for you to participate in this St. Patrick’s Day, while staying festive:  


Have Some Fun On the Day!

  • St. Patrick’s Day is all about feasts and celebrations, and that’s what you're gonna do all day. So begin your day with some traditional meal for St. Patrick’s Day, that is, some boiled bacon, potatoes, with soda bread, and give your morning breakfast a traditional festive touch on the day. 

  • Watch the local parade with your families. An ideal way to spend St. Patrick’s Day with your family is to sit together, watch the parade, have dinner, and follow it up with an Irish movie of your choosing.

  • Have fun baking some fun desserts and give it a touch of traditional colors to be more festive, such as a green forest cake, or a shamrock cupcake.
    You can also play around with colors and make a rainbow cake. 

  • Add a green vegetable into your dinner, such as broccoli, cucumber, green beans, spinach, and peas. This will give your feast another hue of St. Patrick’s Day, making it more festive, yet enjoyable.

  • Go out and have fun with your friends and fellows. Have fun partying, dancing, and drinking, and make sure to enjoy your day to its fullest. 

And your St. Patrick’s day for 2022 is all set up and planned. Enjoy your day with your friends, families and fellows, and don’t forget to check out GK Hair St. Patrick’s Haircare Deals.