Art in Every Colored Strand - Be a Hair Visionary!

Over the course of time, hair fashion has evolved to the point that it feels somewhat difficult to keep track of its rapid pace. A lot of us used to stay in the safe space by sticking to ash browns and golden blondes; but now that it’s 2016, we have reached the point when flaunting a unicorn pastel balayage has become a popular fashion trend. Try surfing through Instagram for 15 minutes and chances are you’ll come across Instagram stars sporting beautiful layers of colors embracing their hair! While it is true that hair techniques such as Balayage, Ombre, and Sombre are truly popular hair trends of today, these techniques require exceptional and professional skills for it to be perfected on different hair types. Of course, along with professional hair expertise comes with the best tools and products to achieve hair color perfection. Every hairdresser can be their own visionary when given the license to fully express their individual style without fear. This is why the right set of products is quintessential when it comes to executing these complex hair techniques (Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, Color Melting and Panel Hair Coloring). The wrong choice of products will surely hold you back! GKhair, a world-class Salon Professional brand, introduces two amazing products that allow hair experts to create their own individual form of hair art through custom hair lightening colors. GKhair’s New & Improved Lightening Powder+ and Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Blue Balayage Lightening Powder bring art in every strand. These two products are specifically formulated to team up with hair experts in goals of achieving the best and easiest ways of custom hair painting. Zero worries of flaking and drying! cc293d4a309ddbfee8c745f2fec83b9a The possibilities with hair colors are endless! Perfecting an irresistibly sexy ombre has never been so easy, thanks to the best lightening powders from GKhair! Well, if you think ombre feels a bit mainstream and you are up for a more adventurous, killer hair color, GKhair’s Lightening Powder can give you some Panel Hair Coloring magic. No fear of using contrasting colors! Innovate with different paneling techniques to create diverse hairstyles that can let the client enjoy numerous hairstyles depending on how they part and style the hair. Now that’s a real fashion statement! More about the GKhair Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Blue Balayage Lightening Powder: Miami Beach Bombshell goes on as a cream then hardens directly on the hair eliminating the need for foils, wraps, cotton allowing your inner artist to go to work creating custom hair painting lightening techniques for your clients without flaking. The clay lightening powder is dust-free and keeps hair moisture in check so you can easily achieve up to 6 levels of lift. GKhair’s first ever blue base clay lightener is not only going to lift easily but you will also neutralize unwanted brassy tones in the hair to create flawless blonde hair! Apart from highlighting, the GKhair Miami Beach Bombshell is also the professional stylist’s default choice for balayage and color correction. GKhair’s Miami Beach Bombshell is fortified with Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for the hair as well as other natural ingredients to achieve the ultimate healthy blonde hairstyles of all variations. Miami Beach Bombshell is a salon professional product only. The New & Improved GKhair Lightening Powder+ for Healthy, Blonde Hair: The new and improved Lightening Powder + is stronger than ever with 8 levels of lift. GKhair’s New Lightening Powder is fast acting with powerful lifting power. This blue base Lightening Powder+ was developed with the help of GKhair’s global product development team to provide optimal results and performance in any lightening service. It is a thoroughly researched product that has made a positive impact throughout our partnering salons globally. Professional hair artists are simply in love with the GKhair Lightening Powder because it gives them the liberty to perform multiple levels of hair lifting in a flash. GKhair continues to offer top of the line products to professional stylists across the world. The new design and size of the GKhair Lightening Powder+ with Juvexin is for professional use only and owing to its fashionable, economy packaging, you will witness better returns and superior performance! Easy to use, easy on the eyes with endless possibilities, the GKhair Lightening Powder+ is the perfect addition to your color line, keeping your clients coming back for more! A Hair Visionary Has Countless Hair Color Trends to Explore GKhair believes that a hairdresser is not just someone who styles and cuts hair. A hairdresser is an expert that continuously creates and explores innumerable possibilities of hairstyling. A hairdresser is an artist and the hair is their canvas. With GKhair’s New Lightening Powders, “good enough” is never an option when it comes to custom hair color creations. Everyone deserves the best for their crowning glory after all!