Ash Blonde | Hair Color You Would Want To Try Today

Want to rock that Pinterest look you love? Achieve your dream look with a color that will help you look your real persona, ash blonde. Now what is this ash blonde?? It’s a light shade of blonde with a grayish tint to it. Being on the cool toned side it has blue or green undertones and best suits people with lighter complexions and blue, gray or green eyes.


When it’s about your beauty routine, changing hair color is one the most exciting things to do. It's an amazing way to add style to your looks (especially if you opt for an ash blonde!), and it allows you to express your personality to the fullest.

Heading to a salon today? Brush up on your hair color and ask for GKhair's Juvexin Cream Color, ash blonde. There are many ways in which you can incorporate ash blond into your hair depending on the look you’re after.



How to Color Your Hair Ash Blonde Shade

It’s worth giving a try this cool-toned shade and learn about how to get a pretty smoky ash blonde hair color. Visiting a professional colorist is always a good idea when you are going for a major change of color. It involves a number of sessions to achieve the level of blonde you desire so the professional route is desired. When you go for a professional treatment you may want to put your regular shampoo and conditioner away in favor of ones formulated for blonde, color-treated hair



Here are a few rules to follow:

  • It is generally recommended to stay within two levels of natural hair color when dyeing blonde.
  • Your complexion matters the most while going blonde so consider your skin tone while choosing the shade.
  • Eye colors do matter a lot when selecting the best blonde hair color, so be very specific in the shade you are going for considering you eye-color.
  • It’s important to know what type of image you are after, is it sun-kissed look? Or you want in-your-face blonde style?

Coloring your hair blonde doesn’t imply any hard and fast rule. You can play as much as you want. But, do not forget to take your stylist’s advice while bringing out your blonde. A little guidance can save you fortune. As they are the experts, they better know the process that each type of hair color requires when trying to color them blonde.

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