How To Avoid Curling Iron Mistakes

It seems pretty basic to curl your hair using a curling iron. The process is simple, you heat up a curling iron, wrap your hair around and you are done. The fact of the matter is, unfortunately, you may be doing a number of curling iron mistakes inadvertently which can damage your hair. Some people believe that the higher heat or longer curling is the answer, but it isn’t. There are certain attributes that can make or break your curly hair weave so discover with GKhair how to avoid them with this list of common mistakes.

Prepping Your Hair Properly

To start up with, you need to prep your hair in order to get a great and safe curl. Before you blow-dry your curls, prepping your hair with a heat protectant is the best way to do. ThermalStyleHer cream by GKhair is a heat protecting cream which delivers moisture to the hair protecting it from dryness and damage. It creates a barrier between the cuticle and the heat to protect hair from damage. Mist each section before styling if your hair has a tough time to hold a curl for a stronger hold.

Barrel Size

There is another mistake most people do while curling is that they use wrong size barrel. Bigger barrels would create bigger curls while smaller ones would result in tighter curls. You need to use the one which you are more comfortable with based on the kind of look you want. People with longer hair should use a bigger barrel and smaller barrels are more suited to shorter hair. With GKhair 4-In-One Curling Iron you can create hair styles of your own choice from the comfort of 4 different sized curls.

Wrong Heat Settings

Heat is an important factor while using any hot tool. Using wrong temperature could result in damaging hair and the desired hairstyle might not be achieved. For color treated, fragile or fine hair, it is recommended to operate with low heat settings while thick, coarse or curly hair higher heat settings.

Curling Iron Mistakes

The Wrong Direction

Although there is no definite way of curling but to achieve natural curls, it is recommended to curl in the direction away from your face. Proceed to curl different sections towards the back in a similar fashion.

Too Much Hair At A Time

Making too big of a section or taking too much hair at a time would lea to improper curling as the curling iron won’t be able to curl the desired section properly. Instead heat would affect the area near to the barrel and leave the outside layers uncurled. It is a general rule to use three-centimeter-wide section of hair for better curling and more natural look.

Clamping the Curling Iron

Some indents might appear on your hair after using curling iron and they are caused by its clamps. Clamp each section of hair in the middle and the do rest in order to avoid this. Never clamp for too long and avoid contact between the clamp and the ends.

These are some common mistakes people make while using a curling iron and can be avoided by following simple tips provided above. Make sure not to leave your hair on the curling iron for longer spans or else you could cause a significant amount of damage to your hair.

Apart from having great curls, you can always use GKhair Dry Oil Shine Spray which provides intense shine without compromising on the hair health and sun protection.

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