Bamboo Color Training in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan

After its inception, the Bamboo Color Technique received great acclaim among the hair professionals all over the world. It is popular for being very time-saving and cost effective. Quite recently, Federico Longo, the innovator of Bamboo Color Technique held training classes in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. GKhair’s partners in the respective countries organized these classes with utmost diligence and pomp. They served to be very informative for the hair stylist communities of these countries.

Bamboo Color Technique by Federico Longo

Bamboo Color Technique is a revolutionary technique inspired by bamboo plant and simple principles of nature. Just like a bamboo plantation, each hair strand has a unique texture, length, color, thickness, and movement. From sectioning the hair in a particular style to mixing the lightener and color, everything about this technique is unique. The technique is incomplete without special Bamboo bowl and brushes made with high quality raw materials. These tools are specifically designed for the Bamboo Color Technique.

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Bamboo Color Training in Kiev - Ukraine

Training in Kiev, UkraineThe first training was held in Kiev, Ukraine on November 1. The audience consisted of around 50 stylists, mainly from Kiev. Bamboo Color Technique remained under primary focus throughout the training. Federico Longo carried out live transformations for the attendees. Using the Bamboo Color technique, he created three different looks. Consequently, he displayed a gorgeous natural brunette blend, a fashionable pink hair color and a fan favorite ash blonde.

Bamboo Color Training in Saint Petersburg - Russia

Training in Saint Petersburg, RussiaOn November 4, the next stop on the trip Federico Longo carried out a training on Bamboo Color in St. Petersburg, Russia. There were around 50 attendees for the training from different regions. Similarly, the training entailed extensive education regarding the Bamboo Color Technique. The hair stylists attending the training took keen interest and got to learn a lot from the experience. He created stunning color transformations featuring a lovely pastel blonde, a stunning ash blonde and another natural brunette with the Bamboo Color technique.

Bamboo Color Training in Astana - Kazakhstan

Training in Astana, KazakhstanLast stop on the Bamboo Color Tour was in Astana, Kazakhstan. This training lasted for two days and covered not only color but GKhair’s world famous Hair Taming System with Juvexin as well. On day one, Federico focused on Bamboo Color Technique and carried out three different transformations for the audience. The final looks included a beautiful pastel pink, an all-time favorite ash blonde and a brunette Bamboo Color. Meanwhile, on the second day, he shared precious knowledge and expertise regarding GKhair Smoothing Treatments and Bombshell Color Masques.

Federico Longo is the Italian Artistic Director for GKhair and is extremely passionate and experienced in his work. He carried out the color transformations keeping in view, the native hair color trends in the regions. Besides, in all these trainings, he made sure to share his expertise and experiences with his audience. Thereby, he ensured that it was an amazing education experience for his audience.