Your Clients Notice Everything, But You Don’t!

It is not an easy accomplishment to operate a successful salon. Being the salon-owner, you manage a lot of activities for your salon to ensure a success level. You try to look after the well being of your staff and also keep clients on your books. Apart from that you not only look after career progression of your employees but also maintain a social media presence of your business. This needs to be applauded!

Running a business means a lot of work. There is always space to grow and be better as a company. There are still small things that your clients notice, but you don’t. Today we would highlight such areas and identify points to be noted in order to stay on top of the details you might otherwise miss.


If a client takes out time of his/her day to relax and zone out from daily stress in your salon, that doesn’t mean he/she won’t be acutely observing the surroundings. It is most likely that your clients would be looking at the walls while getting their hair treated or maybe staring at the ceiling whilst lying on a treatment bed. No matter what type of salon you own it is important to keep in mind that your salon isn’t looking scruffy or tired in these areas, instead it must be free paint chips, nicks and scruffs.

Being in the industry which so focused on image and aesthetics, taking care of minor details will give a better impression of your salon. It is important for you to be focused on general cleanliness of the floor of salon in first place. There would be a lot of excess of filings gathering on the surface or on the floor and high footfall due to high volume of clients and staff passing through daily. Make sure that a new client is not sitting in a messy area and the by-products left by earlier clients’ treatment because this not only looks unhygienic but also leaves a bad impression on your clients. These minor things can easily be overlooked during a busy day, you might not notice while working but your clients will.


Although it is imperative to maintain a highly professional attitude and normally it is expected from the salon staff but this is not what happens always – especially within close proximity working space of a salon. In environments that are naturally quite gossipy, if there are any disputes within the team members, such conflicts really show and clients can easily notice. This will lead them to sensing a negative environment which is not good for your business.

As an owner you must be vigilant enough to spot any conflict between staff and be preemptive to shape up the rota to avoid both parties working at the same time. You have to be very careful in settling such issues as you don’t want to lose out on valuable staff or clients on their respective books.

Your staff is face of your business and we know that working days can be tiring and long so make sure everyone is taking their breaks from work and carrying themselves well. Your front desk receptionist is having a quieter day or your stylists have been on their feet all day long, this fatigue would show up in their body language which will leave a bad impression on your clients’ mind.