Color Your Hair The Best Way

Who doesn’t love walking out of a salon with freshly colored hair? Newly colored hair makes us feel confident and what’s most exciting is that there are so many hair color techniques to experiment - a balayage or an ombre or even the bamboo color technique! But, what color should we use? What ingredients does the color itself contain? How damaging is it going to be for the hair and how long will it stay locked in? These are always the questions in our mind. Worry not, because GK Hair has the answers to most of these questions.

GK Hair Color

Picking The Right Hair Color

Picking the right hair color can be quite tough, especially if you’re getting your hair dyed for the first time! Luckily enough, we have enough resources online that give us guidance about the right hair color. We can take numerous quizzes and look for hair colors that suit our complexion as well as our face shape. But sometimes, that’s not enough!

Hair color mostly depends on whether you want to go lighter than your original color, darker than it, you want to cover grey/white hair or get a completely new look such as highlights, balayage etc. You must also carefully pick a hair color from a brand that is not too damaging for the hair.

GK Hair Color Juvexin Cream

An example of this is the Juvexin Cream Color by GK Hair; with up to 87 shades this gives you a great choice in picking the look you want to go for. What’s best is that this is a rich creamy color that not only amplifies the hair with rich hues but adds a natural dose of nourishment and goodness. The color contains Juvexin, a special protein that protects the hair from environmental damage and ceramides which provides moisture and protein to achieve balance and strength, reducing the hair’s overall porosity. The color is hence not only super long lasting but also very hydrating.

Lock me color masques | GK Hair Professional

Locking In That Color

There’s certainly a lot of effort that goes into color care. For starters, to keep the hair nourished and prevent the color from fading out, one must always use GK Hair’s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This, paired with the Lock Me Color Masque, is a great combination. It’s advanced formulation locks in healthy hair cells with double protection revealing the hair’s natural beauty while deep conditioning and protecting hair color. This enhances the color and protects the hair against damages, dullness, breakage and hair fall. Just like many other GK Hair products, this Lock Me Color Masque also consists of Juvexin which ensures that the hair stays protected from UV rays.

GK Hair also has other color Masques available which you can choose from, to make sure you color stays fresh for a long time. Each of these masques is skillfully formulated, catered to a different purpose. For example, our three variants of Bombshell Masques work to enhance blonde, lavender or red hair color.

Now, it’s time for you to pick your favourite color and achieve a new look!