Easy & Fun To-Do Hairstyles for Easter

Checking out on last minute preparations for Easter? You already have your outfit, but what about your hair? Do you have any idea of what to do with it? Need a little help and inspiration? Here are Easy and Fun to-do hairstyles for Easter: Have a look at these fun, easy-to-do hairstyle ideas to complete your Easter look!

Faux Bob 1). Depending upon the length of your hair, curl 1-inch sections of hair with 1 or 1 ½-inch curling iron. For better results, create more curls.

2). Apply a little amount of shine serum to your hands and run through the curls to break them up once your hair are curled.

3). Tie a hair elastic at the very end of your hair by rolling the hair under the elastic and tuck toward the nape of the neck. Be sure that your hair are spread evenly in horizontal direction. Create illusions of bob by leaving sides of hair out.

4). Secure by using as many bobby pins as needed.

fox bob

Top Knot 1). Put your hair in a high ponytail at the top of your head by flipping your head over and secure with hair tie.

2). Gently pull on the ponytail’s sides if you want to extend the base and have it sit well in the elastic.

3). Make four sections out of it.

4). By wrapping each section of hair around the base, secure it with bobby pins.

5). Make a twist or a braid by taking the piece of hair you left out of the bun. You can also simply wrap it around your ponytail to create a knot.

6). Coat the sides with a thin layer of leave-in spray to give your hair a nourished look all day instead of drying it out.

Top knot

Side Twist 1). Whichever side you are most comfortable with, make a side part on that.

2). Make a twist starting from the top and work your way back by grabbing the side that has more hair.it depends on where you made the part.

3). Repeat the same process on the other side until the two pieces of hair meet.

4). Use a pin to secure the ponytail.

5). Wrap around the piece of hair you twisted from the first side and try to make a ponytail.

6). Roll up the bottom of your hair by wrapping it around your hand, then pin it to the back of your head.

7). Try to pin up any loose ends in needed.

side twist

Here you go, now you have it all covered to make this Easter a special one!