From 2007 To 2022 - The Journey Of GK Hair As A Remote Business

The first quarter of 2020 brought along some of the biggest changes around the world. The entire dynamic of the usual business management went under a sudden, rapid transformation, and the remote model was put forth for the survival of businesses. According to Statista, the number of U.S. employees working from home had risen to 44% from 17% during the pandemic. The companies began to adapt to the new perception of remote work and realized that productivity and extraordinary outcomes aren’t necessarily bound to the workplace. 


This notion, however, was adapted by GK Hair long before it was perceived worldwide. Founded in 2007, GK Hair started as a hair care company offering hair taming treatments in South Florida. The founder and CEO of the company, Van Tibolli, has always been fond of traveling around the world and connecting with the folks of different cultures, which resulted in a significant number of team members belonging to different parts of the globe. Today, GK Hair has remote employees working in every part of the world, from Europe to the Caribbean to South East Asia. With its selling reach in 80+ different countries, GK Hair is regarded as No. 1 worldwide in Hair Taming systems

How did we get there? 

It has been a long journey; a pathway full of unforeseeable obstacles and challenges, which demanded trust, faith, and strategy to move forward. GK Hair hired its first remote employee in 2010, in China. Although it was thought through well, it was still a risk. Can a team member, working from their own space, at their own feasibility, prove to be as productive as the one who works from the office? We took our chances, and that’s how we discovered the potential of remote work. Since then, the company has observed tremendous growth through the contribution of different minds, from different regions, cultures, and continents. Born in the U.S., GK Hair now has its representatives in numerous parts of the world, including USA, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, China, Spain, Italy, France, Moldova, Philippines, Brazil and Australia

Having team members remotely on board with the company has been a great decision in the overall growth of the company, as well as of the team members. Our remote culture allowed us to offer our team members the feasibility to work from their own space, where their minds work at their best, which naturally resulted in extraordinary results. Not only this, having a culture of numerous brilliant minds who approach the same situation from a different, unique perspective was a success in itself. Moreover, being remote has allowed us to offer our support and services in multiple languages since our remote representatives prefer to communicate in their own language for the convenience of the customer. This has helped the customer feel more connected with the company and vice versa, which participated in the company’s growth big time. 

Although GK Hair has made some revolutionary changes in the hair care industry, we are still growing, striving to be better. Kudos to all of our team members who have contributed their part in bettering the organizational structure of the company, its growth, and delivering the best outcomes possible.