Future of Hair Salon Business-New Tech Trends

This is the age of convenience and people want to keep things at clicks length. Your clients expect to ease and automate the process of booking an appointment and making payments. In today’s era it has become a necessity to be technologically equipped in order to stay competitive. No matter what business you are in, technology plays a pivotal role to put yourself head and shoulders above your competition. If you are not using digital solutions in your salon, make it a goal this year to upgrade your technology and make your life easier. We have pinned a few ideas/trends that are going to play important role in deciding future of hair salon business.

Create A Business App

Every business these days from all corners of the world is trying to switch to mobile realm from the physical world. No matter what range of products you are offering you have to migrate from physical world of handing out leaflets, printing advertisements, and hanging billboards, to the mobile world.

Stay touch with your clients 24/7 with a mobile app so that they can access your business at their convenience.

Your App should include:

Loyalty Programs

Appointments Communication

Special Offers



Make Easier Payment Process

Forget about cash and even credit cards, it’s time for NFC (Near Field communication) which allows contactless payments. Think about Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Future belongs to fast, secure and convenient payment modes. In order to accept NFC-enabled payments, salons should upgrade to a credit card terminal that puts up such payments.

Live Videos On Social Platforms

If you’re looking to invest in live video, there are cost-effective cameras that offer high-quality live streaming without tying up someone’s personal phone.

With the ever-changing trends in the social world, it’s the time to go live—that means Instagram Live, Facebook Live and YouTube Live events will be everywhere.

Live video has more appeal to brand audiences than any other social mean of communication. Almost 80% would be rather interested in watching a live video from a brand than any other social post. Mobile users spend 8 times longer with live video than other social media options.

These videos don’t cost anything and can be done straight from any smartphone.

Improve Lighting Experience

You would not want to age your client or under-represent your work because of bad lighting. You need to invest in LED vanity lighting or ring lights at mirror stations. Post service selfies a great marketing tool for salon artists so they need to create selfie station at their salons. Identify a spot with best lighting for this purpose and your selfie station must be branded and free of clutter.

Mobile Management

Business management software is need of the time and salons & Spas are upgrading their software now more than ever before.

GKhair Ecommerce

GKhair has come forward by introducing advanced IT products in shape of its Mobile Shopping App and bespoke e-commerce website as customers want products on demand. Now you can create a free online e-commerce store at Tibolli.net and get an integrated mobile app to fully support online functions of your business.