How to Give Your Clients a Fast Blow Dry Ensuring Hair Protection

Honestly, there is something magical about someone leaving your salon with hair that is literally bouncing. The clients feel good and you know they look good too. There is no bigger of a satisfaction than finding your client’s hair beautifully done. It's downright heartening to see it in place and gorgeously shining. A good blow dry, for example, is the key to bring someone's hair in its overall best possible condition.
However, the biggest challenges with blow drying are time, damage, and escape of moisture. To our dismay, we see our clients’ hair aging and changing - not towards good - over time. We hope there is something we can do to prevent it from happening. Nonetheless, we - as human beings - have certain limitations. Regardless, GKhair found the solution to this unending misery. Combining research and goodness of nature, they formulated every salon professional's best friend! GKhair's Fast Blow Dry is an easy add-on service. You can use it on your clients' hair after any treatment. It reduces blow-drying time in half and leaves the hair looking like a million bucks. Seeing is believing and here’s where you may see how it works!


What Sets Fast Blow Dry Apart

Fast Blow Dry of GKhair is an affordable luxury. This top-of-the-line product with anti-static agents and natural seed emollients will leave the hair looking healthier and shinier. In fact, we believe your clients will be thanking you for taking such great care of their hair. It detangles the hair and reduces friction among the strands so that frizz does not build up. Furthermore, it preserves the integrity of each strand and therefore, hair strands do not clump together after blow drying. The service leaves hair silkier, shinier and frizz free. Owing to protective properties of the product, hair breakage would go down remarkably. Not only that, it would leave a high-gloss protective coat of moisture on the hair. It would counteract excessive porosity that's common with color-treated hair. This service enables the hair to fight against effects of humidity, reducing styling and drying time.