GKhair Bamboo Color by Federico Longo - Step-by-Step Tutorial

With the growing trend of fashionable hair colors, the clients usually want to be in complete control of their color. On top of that, they always want a color treatment that would inflict the least damage upon the hair. Keeping this in view, Federico Longo – the Italian Artistic Director for GKhair – developed a hair coloring technique called Bamboo Color.

GKhair Bamboo Color by Federico Longo

Bamboo Color is inspired by the bamboo plant owing to the similarity between hair strands and bamboo shoots. Just like hair strands, each bamboo shoot is unique in terms of color, length, texture and the direction of growth. This phenomenon is the basis of Bamboo Color as the natural curvature of the head and direction of hair growth is focused. Furthermore, Federico uses special bamboo palette and brushes with Juvexin Lightening Cream and Juvexin Cream Colors for this technique for the perfect amount of saturation during the application process. Bamboo Color

Step-by-Step Tutorial by Federico Longo

This gorgeous hair color is one of the most loved Bamboo Color transformations created by the innovator himself. The following steps explain the transformation in detail.


Following the natural curvature of head and direction of hair growth, Federico carefully sectioned the hair into four quadrants. These four quadrants lay the basis for further sectioning. Multiple sections help in achieving intense results.

Bamboo Color Technique

Formula used: Juvexin Lightening Cream + 30 Volume Developer + Ash Mixtone He mixed the formula and poured it out on a bamboo palette. Then using a brush with bamboo bristles, he surface-painted the outer part of the hair in each section.Bamboo Color Technique


After a processing time of 30 minutes, he washed the hair with Juvexin Shield Shampoo and Conditioner. He then blow-dried the hair. Depending on the desired end result, this can be the last step of your transformation. However, you can follow the next steps to add more dimension and texture to the hair color.

Additional Application

Formula for each Mixtone: Mixtone + 10 Volume DeveloperBamboo Color - Additional Application Once the hair was completely dry, Federico divided it into multiple sections again in the same method of sectioning as described above. However, this time he added more sections for dimensional color detail. He mixed four different color formulas using Red, Green, Violet and Yellow Mixtones and applied them individually on alternating sections, surface painting the outer part of the hair in each section. After a processing time of 30 minutes, he again washed the hair with Juvexin Shield Shampoo and Conditioner and proceeded with styling.
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Bamboo Color - Final Results

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