GKhair Headed Towards Russia And France - Hair Styling and Color Training

GKhair keeps organizing different educational events for its educators in different parts of the world. The company believe in polishing and updating the expertise of hair professionals in hair taming, coloring and styling. Following the trend of organizing hair training and education workshops, this November GKhair headed towards Russia and France. The events were all about GKhair Colors and Styling. The styling and color demonstrations were performed by renowned GKhair Artists.

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GKhair Show Coiffure France

GKhair partnered with Ascolex to organize a two-day hair show in France on November 19th. The show was organized at the Mutzig Le Dome Greswiller. Two of the most talented and notable GKhair Experts were invited to France for the show. The well known GKhair Artist Fredrico Longo from Italy who has mastered the skills of hair cutting and styling rocked the show as he performed live styling on models. Another notable GKhair Expert Wojciech Jewuła glorified the show by showcasing his styling techniques on models who were walking down the ramp. The show was attended by a large number of people who showed great interest in the event. The stylists demonstrated hair cutting and styling techniques on the models which was an amazing display of skills. The night ended with a breathtaking performance by a French musical group.

GKhair Training Workshop, Russia

GKhair organized a two-day hair color & cutting techniques training in Saint Petersburg, Russia from November 15-16. The training workshop was performed by the world-renowned hair artist, Fredrico Longo. The first day of the training was about the color theory. Fredrico illustrated the GKhair Juvexin Cream Color Range and told the participants about different techniques to use GKhair Developers having different volumes. The educator demonstrated multiple coloring techniques on different participants using GKhair Juvexin Cream Colors. Fredrico created the Platinum Blonde, Chocolate Balayage, Orange Color Melting and Chamomile Blonde on the models gathering huge commendation from the participants.

During the second day of the workshop Fredrico showcased his hair cutting techniques on different models using GKhair styling tools and products. Fredrico created different hairstyles and shared his unique cutting techniques with the participants. Some of the haircuts he created include the pixie, side bang and collarbone. Fredrico Longo also briefed the participants about GKhair Blonde Haircare Products for the aftercare of blonde hair. The style and color methods were applauded by the participants and they loved the new techniques they learned from the workshop.

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The France Hair Show and the Training Workshop in Russia hosted a large number of guests who displayed considerable interest in all the activities. GKhair has a legacy of arranging notable events all around the world to provide exposure to its Educators and Hair Experts. Don’t miss any event, subscribe to GKhair Newsletter and stay updated. To learn new hair styling, coloring and taming techniques from your home, visit Tibolli Education Portal.